NXT LVL is an attitude. A state of mind. It’s levelling up and stepping out. It’s getting the most out of everything and creating your own way. It’s bringing the bling. It’s a headspace. A dare to dream. It’s working together to go even further.

Vodacom NXT LVL is for all South Africans under the age of 25, offering  free access to exclusive deals and services that empower you to do more, share more, learn more, earn more, be more. So go on, bring your NXT LVL skills, NXT LVL ideas, NXT LVL Swag and NXT LVL Crew, and let’s go further together.

NXT LVL Benefits

Ringa more with your squad


 CostMinutes allocated
My SquadR690 MIN

Buy a My Squad bundle for R6 and get 90 mins to call up to 5 linked friends.

Get NXT LVL My Squad by dialing *128#

Best value data bundles.


 CostValid forGift a friend
40MB + 40MB night owlR5One day bundle40MB
200MB + 200MB night owlR12One day bundle40MB
500MB + 500MB night owlR6930 day bundle100MB

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