ShakeOff2020 with the best value for under 25s

ShakeOff2020 with the best value for under 25s

NXT LVL Benefits

Call, surf or SMS with your levels

1 Level = 1MB or 1 minute or 1 SMS


 CostNumber of Levels
NXT LVL 50R550
NXT LVL 75R875
NXT LVL 150R12150


Buy any levels bundle by dialing *128# and you get 90 min per day for 7 days FREE!

Vodacom to Vodacom calls only to be used between 10pm and 5am.

Ringa more with your squad


 CostMinutes allocated
My SquadR690 MIN

Buy a My Squad bundle for R6 and get 90 mins to call up to 5 linked friends.

Get NXT LVL My Squad by dialing *128#

Best value data bundles.


 CostValid forGift a friend
40MB + 40MB night owlR5One day bundle40MB
200MB + 200MB night owlR12One day bundle40MB
500MB + 500MB night owlR8930 day bundle100MB

Not registered yet for NXT LVL?

Download the My Vodacom App and take

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