Waiting all year for incredible Black Friday 2021 deals without preparing can leave you empty-handed...


As the saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This advice is best applied when your cellphone is still in a great condition but if you've outgrown your current contract's monthly allocation, the solution is a SIM-only deal.

SIM-only is a contract without the bundled device. Minutes, data and SMSs are all included in the SIM-only plan and you can choose a plan based entirely on your specific requirements. If you're a big talker, voice minutes are a priority and if you're a gamer who needs to download the new FIFA 22, then a plan with a higher data allocation will keep you connected.

The benefits of a SIM-only contract are:


You don't have to pay for a new device

Maybe you're waiting for the latest device to be released or maybe your current phone suits your needs; either way, you're not interested in getting a new device right now. A SIM-only plan is an ideal way to bide your time until newer technology is released or until you're ready to upgrade.

You have control over the amount of airtime, minutes and data you use.

There are various Vodacom SIM-only plans available, starting at only R55 per month (for a data Top Up plan). Opt for a data- or minutes-only package, or you can choose a plan that provides both. If you find you're running low on data or minutes at any point during the month, you can easily top up.

You get more value

This is really good news if you often run out of airtime before the month is up. If you switch to a SIM-only plan, you can keep paying the same amount as for a regular RED plan but get double the minutes, data and SMSs.

It's really easy to sign up

There are no lengthy processes. As long as you haven't been declined a new contract within the last 30 days or you don't have an existing Vodacom account in arrears, you're guaranteed approval.

Move on without the commitment


A SIM-only deal won't limit your option to buy a new device at any time. If device contract commitment is not for you, then purchasing a new device once-off may suit you best. Simply decide on a new handset and buy it outright to avoid being bound by contractual monthly payments for the device itself. This option works well with SIM-only deals as it allows you the flexibility to change your device while enjoying the many other perks of a contract. Browse through our Black Friday 2021 device catalogue