Waiting all year for incredible Black Friday 2021 deals without preparing can leave you empty-handed...

Delaying big-ticket purchases in favour of waiting patiently for incredible Black Friday 2021 deals instead can leave you tired, disappointed and empty-handed. Been there, done that. Here are tips and tricks on how to score more with this year's Black Friday 2021 deals, no matter where you decide to shop or what you choose to buy. You'll manage to save time and money and get everything you need without seeing those dreaded "out of stock" signs.
That's why planning for Black Friday 2021 in advance is a must! Wishlists, shopping budgets, and sticking to a gifting list can go a long way to ensuring that you stay on track with purchases during this craziest of shopping seasons. Whether you're put off with waiting in line for hours, impulse buying with low discounts, or simply missing out on the things you were looking forward to, these simple tips will help lower your cortisol levels and get real value for your money.
Experienced shoppers know how to plan for Black Friday 2021 and stick to it, giving them an advantage over the rest of the bargain-hungry crowd. If you haven't started planning yet, don't panic! There's still time to ensure you don't miss out on the goods you want at mega discounts, while avoiding being overwhelmed or left empty-handed and unhappy.
Wondering what's the perfect Black Friday 2021 strategy to follow? Here are tips and shopping plans designed around the idea of being "smart about your purchases."

What type of shopper are you?

The Veteran: They've been working on their wishlists for months and have probably already scoured the internet and social media for where to shop for everything on their lists, noting down normal pricing, current discounts, and any early announcements for Black Friday 2021. They've already created notes on what to buy from where, which will likely change based on any crazy specials they spot.
The Hunter: While most of them already have a basic wishlist, they usually prefer to click through every page on a website to find those hidden exclusive deals that most people miss out on.
The Snipers: They'll never buy anything before Black Friday 2021 itself. They believe the best deals will only be available over that specific weekend. Fully committed, no one can change their mind. While many of these shoppers are changing their tactics given that promotions are starting earlier than before with limited stock availability, there are still a few who don't mind missing out on that Xbox or iPhone if it goes out of stock.
The Gambler or Rookie: They either haven't committed to what they want, or they don't care about sales, or it's their first Black Friday 2021 spree and they haven't done their research. They panic shop all night and day, adding anything and everything to their cart until they decide they're ready to checkout. The problem is they usually don't bag the big discounts and end up disappointed because the product either gets sold out while in their cart, or they accidentally remove the wrong item when comparing at checkout.
No plan is wrong, but if you are going to spend your hard-earned cheddar this Black Friday 2021, you need get real value for it. We recommend sticking to strategy 1, 2 to 3, or a combination of them.
Still unsure what to do next? We've got you.

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