The lifetime that was lockdown created several unforgettable memories and experiences. Remember when House Party was all the rage and binge-watching Tiger King was the highlight of our evenings? Do you recall discovering your inner-baker making banana bread and sour-dough loaves? Then there were the lockdown transformations; some of us gained and some of us lost, but most of us over-indulged. Essentially, there are various habits that we need to kick as we approach the holiday season.

Battle of the bulge

Stress eating is a prevalent issue that many of us had to combat during this taxing time. For emotional soothing, we tend to gravitate towards eating comfort foods such as sweets, hearty meals, and fast foods. The cravings may be satisfied but as the saying goes, "a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips." An effective plan of attack to resist the cravings is to:

  1. Replace snacks with fresh and organic fruit and vegetables

  2. Drink more water

  3. Eat small meals frequently

  4. Eat comfort food in moderation

  5. Prepare meals. This provides a structure to avoid the urge to snack.

Digital discipline

Mindless scrolling is a never-ending loop from being on the middle screen during work, to quick breaks on the little screen, while waiting to watch the big screen, only to fall asleep scrolling through the little screen. Our day is filled up by consuming entertainment, information and social media on our devices and it can be overwhelming. Ways that you can provide balance and enable a more functional and healthier mind is to implement a screen time structure. Especially with the amount of anxiety inducing information available online, it is essential to take a break from the news and social media, more specifically before going to bed. To support a more restful mind, use your device to connect with loved ones but remember to switch it off to sufficiently wind down before bedtime.

Let's get physical

During lockdown, our routine was thrown out the window and with that went our exercise routine. We have now found ourselves with aching backs and creaky knees, panting at the top of the staircase. Our only steps can't be walking from our laptops to the fridge because exercise is not only for looking good but feeling good. An effective fitness regime boosts energy levels, mood and the immune system, which improves our overall performance.
How to kick-start this fitness journey:

  1. Start small. Any movement is good, try standing or stretching for small increments of time throughout the day.

  2. Start scheduling workouts as you would meetings.

  3. Start dressing in your gym wear to encourage you to exercise.

  4. Download some fitness apps to exercise in the comfort of your home.

  5. Have some fun with it and spice up you exercise with a dance class - YouTube is your friend!

Let's keep it moving 

Being outdoors is a great way to get fresh air and get fit. You can track your fitness journey with tech accessories such as the smartwatch or fitness trackers. These wearable gadgets encourage you to meet activity goals with step counters, heart rate monitoring and counting the calories burnt. The watch motivates you to get up and get moving with exercise tutorials  to promote breathing and reduce stress, as well as observing your sleep cycle. Check out our latest deals on wearable tech this Black Friday 2021.