Black Friday is a significant shopping event conceptualised two decades ago in the United States of America. This retail phenomenon occurs after the popular Thanksgiving celebration and kicks off the start of the holiday season. Black Friday is a shopping bonanza that has since taken the world by storm and is now a global event that people look forward to every year. With jaw-droppingly low prices and exceptional discounts that expand across numerous retailers and categories, there is a deal for everyone.
With the rise of e-commerce in recent years and the further acceleration of online shopping popularity due to COVID-19, Black Friday has evolved from frantic, panic buying in-store to now crashing websites. Online shopping has provided a more efficient and convenient option in comparison to waiting in long queues and competitively camping outside physical stores. E-commerce is also a safer way to shop while avoiding in-store stampedes and aggressive shoppers completely, and essentially, online shopping provides the best opportunity to browse from the comfort and convenience of your home. The success of Black Friday has also given rise to Cyber Monday which has merged to form a hyped-up super-discounted weekend sale sensation. Vodacom has taken it up a notch by extending Black Friday deals throughout the month of November.

Here are a few dos and don'ts on how to maximise Black Friday 2021:

It's wise to buy a device

Laptop, tablet and smartphone prices are considered a steal on Black Friday 2021. However, researching the specs and features of the device you desire before the sale, is key to ensure a successful purchase. When an informed choice is made, spending money on a device is an extremely wise investment during this time.


AirPods and wireless earbuds


Venture into cutting the cord with these wireless accessories. Experience the noise-cancelling features of the AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds+. These accessories are bundled with a compatible device - truly a bargain!


Smart watches and fitness trackers


Stay connected with the newest wearable tech at affordable prices. Step up your health when you upgrade your fitness tracker, or level up your wellbeing on the go with a smart watch. Look out for combo deals to score a free wearable with your smartphone.


Small appliances


Purchase small appliances for your home over the Black Friday 2021 weekend. From cordless vacuums to air fryers, no gadget is off limits with the exceptional discounts applied. Explore the vast catalogue of options available before you elevate your home with a technological makeover.


Bulk buying


Get value for money by purchasing everyday items in bulk. Essentials such as detergents, non-perishables, towels, and linen are a few examples of smart buys. Act quick because these types of products fly off the shelves right before your eyes.


In the chaos of Black Friday 2021 prepare like you would for a marathon. Charge your laptop and smartphone, have your credit card on hand and set your midnight wake-up call. Black Friday has turned into an umbrella term that represents the whole shopping weekend, so your endurance may be tested. Get ahead of the rush with a plan of attack; research and prep a solid shopping list and while you're at it, have coffee available to maintain stamina as you spoil yourself into Cyber Monday. May your cart be full and your credit card ready to transact. Happy spending!