Optimise your smartphone's potential and embrace your inner photographer with these smartphone photography tips and trends. We'll have you reach professional Instagrammer status in no time!  

Smartphone photography tips and trends
  • Authentic photography has rocketed recently, and you can join the body positivity train and take unfiltered and unedited photos to promote seeing perfectly flawed people on Instagram. So, investing in a smartphone with a good camera is never a bad idea.

  • A current photography trend is the vintage film photography effect which embraces the nostalgia with thrifted items and the power of editing. You can accomplish this retro theme by using lighting and faded colours to your advantage because old is the new "new".

  • Turn on your grid lines in your camera settings. This allows for a more professional looking composition while providing a guideline to keep the subjects of your photo straight and positioned.

  • Use the panoramic effect to capture vertical height such as tall buildings or trees or use it horizontally to capture yourself in multiple areas of the landscape for a quirky and fun concept.

Smartphone Device Features

Take professional looking pictures using your smartphone.

  • The iPhone 13 Pro has a night mode feature that enables its users to capture photos in the dark and still have good low-light quality pictures. So, never miss an opportunity to snap a memorable moment at night. See more about the iPhone 13 range.

  • Since the holidays are around the corner, use the self-timer feature and wide-angle camera lens to capture every family member. The bigger the family, the better the photo! The Samsung S21 Ultra offers 8K video recording, fantastic 30x zoom feature, plus all in great detail and vibrant colours to celebrate the occasion. Check out the Samsung S21 Ultra to put these features to the test.

  • Take your selfies to the next level and use the portrait feature on the Huawei P30 Pro to blur the background and add a beauty effect that creates a professional touch with this focus feature. Browse our Huawei deals

Curating a feed

To achieve a trendy, aesthetically pleasing and Pinterest-worthy Instagram feed, it must be cohesive. This can be done by using a consistent filter on the photos you upload, maintaining a similar colour pallet or mood and keeping a common theme in the content that you post, such as fashion, food or nature. Utilising a grid planner can assist with planning the overall aesthetic of your page to create an impressive feed for your followers.