Vodacom Detailed Data Usage Terms and Conditions

Vodacom aims to ensure transparency and accountability to its customers where data usage is concerned, with that goal in mind, Vodacom is introducing Detailed Data Usage.

What Detailed data usage?

It is a service that provides a guideline of a customer’s data consumption. This service will allow the customer to view their previous days data usage, last 7 days usage, last 30 days usage, as well as a customizable date range period for the last 30 days.

Why should a customer use the service?

How the detailed data usage service works:

1. The service is zero rated for all Vodacom customers, which means using this service will not consume a customer’s data.

2. The service shows the top 10 websites and apps used based on the number logged in.

3. This service is currently available to selected Vodacom smartphone customers. However, Vodacom is continuously making this feature available to more smartphone customers that are part of the Vodacom network.

4. Any customer that has access to Detailed Data Usage can check their data usage on the latest version of the My Vodacom App or on the My Vodacom website.

5. Vodacom and all its associated companies are committed to respecting the privacy of a customer’s personal data. Due to privacy reasons, the Master Account Holder is not allowed to view the data usage of someone else. Unless the MAH has given the linked/ child number permissions to view the data.

6. The detailed usage displayed to customers could be delayed by up to 24 hours.

7. The data usage may not reflect accurately if app and website sessions are not closed regularly. The Detailed Data Usage feature can only calculate data used once applications and website sessions have been closed. For all sessions that remain open, the data used for that entire session will be measured when the session is closed.

8. The classifications and data used on a device connected to a hotspot will display on the Detailed Data Usage on the host’s profile.

9. Not all apps can be measured by Detailed Data Usage due to third party limitations.

10. Vodacom reserves the right to amend or add to these Terms and conditions, and where such change is material, we will provide you with reasonable prior written notice of any such