SA Ministry of Health and local NGOs

Vodacom works with the SA Ministry of Health and local NGOs to provide better healthcare.

In a country as vast and diverse as South Africa, community health workers play a crucial role in providing healthcare in rural communities.

Vodacom created the Nompilo application which uses the power of mobile technology to access patient records on the move. This partnership enables community caregivers to be ready to heal, no matter where their patients are.

At each visit, the Community Care Worker simply scans the patient’s 2D barcode with their mobile phone, so that all new data is immediately linked to that patient’s unique electronic ID in the back-end system.

Current and historical patient information can be viewed remotely, in real time, by the assigned district manager – so there’s maximum visibility for community workers and seamless care provision for the patient.

Nompilo also provides a managerial platform, enabling the healthcare providers to track and respond to common issues encountered by caregivers.

The pilot has now ended and the Nompilo solution has since rolled out to other Vodacom Health projects.

“We’re in the business of healing. With Nompilo, I’m ready to get the job done in the field with no critical time wasted on finding patients’ records.” National Department of Health

The pilot project resulted in several positive outcomes:

  • Improved levels of care
  • Reduced costs
  • Issue identification
  • Clear information
  • Improved security