Vodacom Millionaires Terms and Conditions

1. Playing Vodacom Millionaires

Vodacom Millionaires Promotion runs from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.

Only Vodacom South Africa Prepaid, Top-Up and Contract customers are eligible to enter the game show.

Participation in this promotion excludes employees, directors, members, partners, consultants and agents of, or any other person who, directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Vodacom or its marketing service providers, including the spouses, life partners, immediate family members or business partners of the people or entities mentioned above. This means (but not limited to):

- Vodacom as the promoter of Vodacom Millionaires;

- Urban Brew, Bytes call centre, Deloitte & Touche or any other suppliers of goods or services in terms of this game show; and

- Promotional partners, printers, advertising and promotional agencies, professional advisors, sales staff and call centre agents employed by, or contracted to Vodacom and to all the people or entities listed above. 

All entrants into the Promotion will have to SMS their entry to 32082. All SMS entries, other than the 2 free game entries, will be at a cost of R1.00.

Customers will only be able to submit one valid entry per SMS.

Vodacom will not be held responsible for entries submitted to another number than the dedicated Vodacom Millionaires number being 32082.

Entries close at midday (12:00:00) every Tuesday. All entries received after this time will be entered into the following week's draw (inclusive entries delayed by high volume of entries, or systems network delays).

Independent auditors will randomly draw 9 letters. Entries will be matched against the winning letters to determine the winners

The winning letters will be communicated in the following ways:

- All weekly Vodacom Millionaires participants will receive an SMS containing the winning letters for the specific draw.

- Vodacom customers can contact the Vodacom Millionaires Call Centre on 082 24 32 082 for free from their Vodacom Cell phone to receive the weekly winning letters. 

- Vodacom Millionaires winning letters are broadcast on SABC 1 every Tuesday at 18:30.

2. Valid Entries

In order for an entry to be valid:

The customer simply sends an SMS containing 9 letters of the alphabet to 32082.

In order to qualify for a valid entry, an entry must consist 9 letters of the alphabet , Only letters A-Z must be entered.

The keywords and entries are not case dependant. The customer will be able to input the entry in either upper or lowercase e.g. ABC or abc and any order.

The entrant must have received a confirmation SMS from Vodacom containing a reference number and the draw date for which the entry has been accepted. Vodacom reserves the right to request sight of this SMS when awarding the prize.

Spaces will be ignored. (Remember with the “SAME” entry option a space is required after the word SAME and this must be typed before the chosen 9 letters).

Duplication of letters will be allowed e.g. SSSKJIRRR orAAAAAAAAA (9 x A’s) 

An entry will be considered INVALID if:

- entries contain any special characters e.g. ,./;'\[]=)(*&^%$#@!~`\|<> ?:"|{}+_; 

- entries contain any numbers; 

- less than 9 letters are submitted;

- no letters are submitted .i.e. a blank SMS; and

- an SMS is in the incorrect format.

A notification SMS is sent to customers submitting invalid SMSs with draw date and reference number.

3. Free  SMSs

Vodacom South Africa customers will be entitled to 2 free SMSs per week to enter Vodacom Millionaires and will be loaded every Tuesday morning

Prepaid and Top-Up customers earn an additional SMS for every recharge of R10 or more.

The subscription airtime for Top-Up customers (e.g. R135 Family Top Up) will not qualify for the SMSs applicable to recharges.

Free SMSs may only be used to enter Vodacom Millionaires and  not for any other purpose.

Free SMSs which are not used within the week provided will be forfeited and cannot be carried over to the next week.

Customers may enter the game show as many times as they like however once the free SMSs have been used, a premium rate of R1.00 (including VAT) will be charged per SMS.

Guaranteed millionaire prize will only be selected from the paid R1 SMSs, free SMSs will not qualify.

SMS bundles do not apply.

4. Prizes

Prizes for a 9 letter match or an 8 letter match:

The prize for a 9 letter match is R1 million and the prize for an 8 letter match is R150 000.

All cash winners will be notified via SMS regarding their prize and will be contacted by the call centre regarding payment arrangements.

In the event that there is more than one correct entry in a week for the 9 and 8  letter match, the weekly prize money will be shared equally between the winners. 

In order to claim the 9 letter or 8 letter match prize(s), the person claiming the prize, must comply with all required validation procedures which shall include (but not necessarily be limited to):

- Prove that he/she is the owner or authorized designated user of the cellphone number from which the winning entry was sent.

- Be in possession of the SIM card and/or cellphone containing the confirmation SMS received from Vodacom.

- Be over the age of 18 or in the case of a minor the prize will be awarded to the minor's legal guardian.

- Provide valid proof of identity (i.e. South African identity book, passport or driver’s license).

- In addition, in order to qualify as the 9 letter winner, the participant needs to be a South African residing citizen.

- For the automated PEP and Ackerman loyalty club entries, all cash winners need to be active on the network in order to claim their prizes. 

The R1 million winner needs to forward, together with his/her documents, proof of a financial plan for his/her winnings with a credible financial institution.

Winners of the prizes for a 9 letter match and Guaranteed Millionaire Prize will not be eligible to also win prizes for an 8, 7 or 6 letter match cash prizes. Once a customer wins the R1 million prize, he/she cannot win the 8 letter match prize (R150 000), or any of the other cash prizes.

Cash prizes will only be paid into a valid South African bank account in the name of the person who is the valid winner of the prize. All fees relating to the transfer of the winnings are (if applicable) for your own account. 

Prizes for a 7, 6 and 5 – 1  letter match:

7 Letter Match

All 7 letter match winners will receive airtime to the value of R29. 

7 Letter Match Customers will be entered into a Surprise and Delight Random draw every week, and 7 customers will each win R4000 

6 Letter Match

All 6 letter match winners will receive airtime to the value of R12.

6 Letter Match Customers will be entered into a Surprise and Delight Random draw every week, and 6 customers will each win R2000    

Prizes for a 5 to 1 letter match:

344 customers that matched 5 to 1 letters will be randomly drawn and will each win airtime to the value of R29.

The airtime amounts will automatically be loaded onto the Prepaid and Top-Up winners' airtime accounts.

Contract customers will receive an SMS containing a virtual voucher PIN code that can be used to recharge a Vodacom Prepaid or Top-Up customer.

Guaranteed Millionaire Prize

The Guaranteed Millionaire Draw is a random draw, over and above the normal weekly 9 Letter Match Draw.

Only the paid R1 SMS’s will qualify, free SMS will not qualify and will not be part of the random draw.

During this Promotion Period, there will be 3 Guaranteed Millionaire Draws, this prize is not shared

A guaranteed millionaire will be randomly drawn from all paid SMSs sent during the below listed periods:

1st Guaranteed Millionaire Draw - 28 June 2016 (12:01pm) to 27 September 2016 (12:00pm)

2nd Guaranteed Millionaire Draw -  27 September 2016 (12:01pm) to 27 December 2016 (12:00pm)

3rd Guaranteed Millionaire Draw  -  27 December 2016 (12:01pm) to 28 March 2017 (12:00pm)

Vodacom will use its reasonable efforts to telephonically contact the first winner drawn on the cellphone number that was used to participate in the promotional competition.  If Vodacom is unable to contact this prize winner after taking reasonable efforts to do so, then that person’s right to the prize will be deemed to have been waived and the prize will be forfeited. Vodacom reserves the right to then award the prize to the next randomly drawn participant. 

Winners will be notified by Vodacom and only with their prior permission, will their names and images be published on www.vodacom.co.za and other media properties. 

5. General

All participants, by entering this game agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Vodacom will not be liable for any entry that has been omitted from participation for any reason whatsoever.

Only the 9 winning letters drawn by the auditors on Tuesday are the valid letters for that particular Tuesday game show. Any media or promotional errors of the published weekly winning letters will not be honoured by Vodacom.

The decision of Vodacom in regard to all aspects of the promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Vodacom, it’s directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage occurring as a result of participation in this game show or as a result of the use of any of the prizes, or from any amendments to these terms and conditions.

Vodacom shall have no liability whatsoever for any breach of these terms and conditions due to any cause beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to: an act of God (including inter alia weather, flood and lightning), technical issues (including inter alia network/technical operation interruption, telecommunication interruption, breakdowns, power failures and other interruptions), fire, industrial action, act or omission of Government, or other competent authority, riot, war or act or omission of any third party for whom Vodacom is not responsible.

If the game show is held to be or becomes unlawful, Vodacom shall have the right to terminate the game show immediately without prior notice. In such event the entrants will waive all rights they may have had and acknowledge that they will have no right of recourse to Vodacom, its directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors.

Vodacom may refuse to award any prize if any irregularities or fraudulent activities are suspected.

Vodacom, its directors, affiliates members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors will not be liable for taxes or any other cost incurred by the winner in claiming any prize.

In case of SMS delays due to congestion on the network, customers that enter before midday on Tuesday may have their SMSs entered for the following week’s Vodacom Millionaires draw, at Vodacom’s sole discretion.

Vodacom reserves the right to request sight of the entry SMS and confirmation SMS, and the date stamp contained therein, and will only be responsible to pay prizes for the entry date on the confirmation SMS received by the customer.

Vodacom shall be entitled, as far as is permissible in law, in their entire discretion, to reject any entry for any reason whatsoever and will not be obliged to correspond with any person about the game show.

Vodacom Millionaires cannot be held accountable for errors on the published or broadcasted weekly winning letters by Vodacom’s suppliers or partners. 

Vodacom reserves the right to terminate the game show, or amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Vodacom will not be responsible for any costs or expenses which you, or your partner (if applicable), incur during and for purposes of your entry into the game show and your acceptance and/or use of a prize. All other incidental costs will be for your own account.

Vodacom makes no representations or give any warranties, whether expressly or implicitly, that your entry or participation in the game show will necessarily result in you winning a prize.

If we are unable to contact a winner within 3 months of winning the prize, the winner will forfeit the prize and Vodacom reserves the right to determine a new winner under the same conditions.

Prizes that remain unclaimed after 3 months will be forfeited.

Vodacom reserves the right to withhold the prize until it is satisfied that the claim is valid.

If a dispute arises as to the validity of the claim, Vodacom may in its sole discretion reimburse the customer for the cost of the game show SMSs or provide the customer with a free game show SMS.  Vodacom's liability to the customer is limited to the cost of the SMS.

Non-cash prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.

The Vodacom Millionaires number, 082 243 2082, is a zero rated IVR line i.e. customers will not be billed for phoning in the Vodacom Millionaires call centre.