Siyakha zero-rated sites 

Terms and Conditions

1. All Vodacom customers using Vodacom SIM cards; on prepaid, post-paid, hybrid and data plans get free access to selected career websites, provided that they access these sites from the Vodacom Siyakha portal.

2. The Vodacom Siyakha portal will be applicable to all major mobile browsers.

3. No data charges will apply to customers accessing the zero-rated websites on a device that has a Vodacom SIM card.

4. Should the customer select/click on a link that directs them away from the specific URL(s) [embedded web link], that usage will billed in accordance to the subscriber’s price plan or depleted from any other valid/available data bundle.

5. If a Vodacom customer is using data from a Vodacom WiFi network, the data usage on the zero-rated websites will be at no cost.

6. If a Vodacom customer is using data from a non-Vodacom WiFi network, the data usage on zero-rated websites should be charged to the WiFi hotspot.

7. Vodacom customers will also be able to upload and download files to/from the zero-rated websites at no charge, until the fair usage policy of 1GB per month is reached. 

8. A fair usage policy of 1GB per month per user applies.

9. Telemetry (M2M etc.) SIM cards are excluded from this benefit.

10. Vodacom will not be held responsible for any interaction that takes place between customers and the participating websites. Vodacom’s role is limited to providing access.

11. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of suspected abuse where non-compliant devices (as specified by the regulating body, ICASA) are being used on the Vodacom network.

12. Vodacom may amend these Terms and Conditions by giving customers reasonable notice of any such amendment.


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