ZTE C310 and Vodacom Kicka proposition

Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion will run from 1st November 2015, whilst stocks last of the ZTE C310 and/or Vodacom Kicka, and is applicable to a purchase and activation of the ZTE C310 or a Vodacom Kicka, at R499.00 incl. VAT, on the Vodacom network. The promotion will end on the 31st January 2016. Vodacom reserves the right to extend or cancel the promotion at any time.

2. The 100MB data allocation for 3 months, from the time of activation, will be applied to the SIM card inserted into the ZTE C310 device. To qualify for the data every 30 days the SIM card needs to remain in the device for the full 3 months and a minimum monthly recharge of R29 must be made.

3. Existing RICA verification will be required in order to complete the purchase and activation of the Prepaid SIM card. Proof of identification and address will be required in the form of a green barcoded South Africa ID, A valid South African Drivers License, or a valid South African Passport. In the event of the customer not being South African, a valid passport from country of origin as well as proof of residence within South Africa will be required. Proof of address can be a utility bill or lease agreement that shows the residential address in full, addressed to the customer.

4. The 100MB data allocation will be applied for 3 months, following the activation of the SIM card, every 30 days from the date of first allocation after purchase. No pro-ration of the data bundle will be applied. The full allocation of data will take place regardless of the day of the month in which the SIM card is activated within. Allocation will take place every 30 days post purchase and activation of the device, provided the SIM card purchased or activated with the device is still in the device within the 3 month period. The first allocation can take up to 48hrs of the SIM card activation in the ZTE C310 or Kicka device on the Vodacom network.

5. The 100MB data bundle does not apply to data roaming.

6. A delay of up to 2 days, from the day of activation, is possible before the first 100MB data bundle is allocated.

7. The data bundle will have a validity of up to 60 days, or up until the last day of the next consecutive calendar month. Any un-used data at the time of expiry will be forfeited.

8. The 100MB data bundle will not have an out of bundle rate. The standard rate of R2 per MB of data used will apply for any data usage over and above the 100MB allocation.

9. Out of bundle usage will be deducted from the Prepaid Airtime of the SIM card, where applicable.

10. Unlimited Once-Off bundles can be purchased to add additional data to the SIM card using existing sales channels such as *111#, Vodacom.co.za desktop/mobile site and the My Vodacom App. Once-Off bundles will be charged to the Prepaid airtime balance and sufficient airtime will be required to purchase a bundle respective of the bundle price.

11. Once-Off bundles purchased will follow a LIFO (Last In First Out) order of consumption. I.e. The last bundle purchased will be consumed first and then in the respective order thereafter.

12. The My Vodacom App is pre-loaded onto the device and will require the user to register using their cell phone number and a chosen password. Use of the My Vodacom App is 0 rated and will not require a customer to have airtime/data bundles to utilise it. A customer can thus buy a bundle without having a bundle, however sufficient airtime will be required for the actual data bundle cost.

13. All existing Terms and Conditions for Once-Off/30 day Prepaid data bundles apply to the 100MB bundle allocations. See 30 day/Once-Off Prepaid data bundle terms and conditions.

14. SMS messages sent from the device will be charged at the standard rate of 80c during peak times, and 35c during off peak times. SMS messages are 160 characters or part thereof, messages over this limit will be charged for at the standard price of an SMS respective of peak or off peak time.  

15. Peak times are from Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm. Off-peak times are from Fridays 8pm to Monday 7am.

16. Vodacom Power Bonus will be the default Prepaid tariff of any new SIM cards activated. Calls are charged per second at R1.50 per 60 seconds, or part thereof, to any network any time. SMS messages are charged at 50c per message sent consisting of 160 characters each, or part thereof. Data will be charged at R1.50 per MB out of bundle on Vodacom Power Bonus, dial 082 1187 to free change to or from any Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan.

17. MMS messages are charged at 80c per message of 300KB in size.

18. Cell phone number of SIM will be sent via SMS to the subscriber at the time of activation of a new SIM card, post RICA verification. To get the cell phone number sent to the subscriber again, an SMS with the words “ON” can be sent to 31050. This SMS is Free.

19. Data bundle balances can be checked by sending a free SMS to ‘31050’ with the words “MM”. Alternatively the My Vodacom App can be used to show data and other bundle balances, or by dialling *111#.