Payment Break Terms and Conditions

1. The payment break promotion will run from 7th February 2017 to 6th March 2017 for all customers who upgrade or sign up a new
        contract on or between the specified dates. Vodacom reserves the right to end the promotion or extend it at their discretion.

2. The payment break will discount the full monthly subscription and device cost, if applicable, of the contract for 2/two months of the 24-
        month period. The subscription for the 1st and 2nd months fees will be re-cooperated over the remainder of the 22-month period of the
        24-month contract.

3. The payment break will not cover the costs of any of the following:

           • Value Added/Recurring services activated on the contract over and above the monthly subscription

           • Insurance services

           • Out of bundle usage costs arising as a result of calls, SMS or data made/used by the subscriber.

           • Any Once-Off services added to bill

           • International calls or calls made to premium rated numbers

           • International roaming costs and/or usage of voice, SMS or data

           • Call sponsor calls made by a sponsored number and charged to the sponsors account

           • Activation fees charged in accordance with the activation of a new contract and/or SIM card

           • The administration fee payable in store for an upgrade.

           • SIM card fees for new line activations and/or Data Sharing SIM activations

           • App download charges added to Vodacom bill

4. The payment break promotion will not be available to EBU/Corporate account customers or on-biller customers on the Vodacom network.

5. Should a customer default on a monthly payment of costs in lieu of term 3, the customer may be liable for the monthly subscription cost of
        the contract as default on payments will render the promotional payment break agreement null and void.

6. Customers who sign up for a new post-paid contract during the promotional payment break period, who will be charged a pro-rated
        monthly subscription on the first months subscription, will have the discount applied for the full month’s subscription of the respective
        contract price plan in month 1. Month 2 will also have the full subscription discounted, and month 3 will have the difference between the
        pro-rata amount in month 1 applied as a discount against month 3s subscription. This will result in the account being in temporary credit
        with the difference between the subscription in month 1 and the pro-rata charge in month 1.

7. Customers will continue on a full 24-month Vodacom contract at the time of upgrading, or signing up for a new contract with the first
        subscription amount payable in the 3rd month of the contract/ 4th month for post-paid contract customers. Subscriptions are billed in
        advance for the next calendar month, whilst usage is billed in arrears for the previous month.


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