NXT LVL Smart Terms and Conditions

Qualifying for NXT LVL Smart Plan and Registration

1. NXT LVL is exclusively available to under 25 year olds

2. NXT LVL is not available to community services or business customers. This is a consumer offering.

3. You will need a valid SA Identity Document (ID) and successfully register for NXT LVL via *111*128# to be able to buy NXT LVL Prepaid/Hybrid bundles, or to benefit from other associated promotional offers and/or activities.

4. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you confirm that you are less than 25 years of age.

5. Customers and/or parent/guardians who take up the NXT LVL Smart Plans will be required to provide a valid ID number and copy of the contract user as part of the vetting process.

6. This offer applies to new or existing Vodacom customers under 25 years old

7. If your SA ID is wrongfully used to register for NXT LVL, you, as the rightful owner will have to visit a Vodacom Shop where a service agent will deregister the ID.  You can then register on *111*128# with your ID and cellphone number.  

8. Only one ID per cellphone number can register for NXT LVL

9. Advertising and communication messages are best efforts and errors and omissions are excluded.

NXT LVL Smart Plan Terms and Conditions

10. The following Terms and Conditions relate to the Vodacom NXT LVL Smart Plans. These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with the standard Terms and Conditions contained in the Vodacom Contract airtime agreement and Terms and Conditions Booklet and where any terms and conditions conflict with each other, then these NXT LVL Smart Price Plans terms and conditions will prevail. 

11. These Terms and Conditions do not replace any other Terms and Conditions, agreements or contracts that exist between you and Vodacom. 

12. Your subscription to the Service constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Vodacom reserves the right to modify the Service(s) where reasonably required and may from time to time expand on these Terms and Conditions and will provide you with reasonable notice thereof. You will be bound by all current Terms and Conditions, so please update yourself with them on a regular basis.

13. The Voice bundle included on the Smart Plans will be available for use for calls to any local network at any time of day. 

14. Voice minutes carried over on migration from another Vodacom bundled price plan of the same type will be carried for 1 month. 

15. Vodacom reserves the right to charge for VOIP events on selected price plans at applicable rates.

16. If you migrate from a Price Plan with bundles as part of the standard Price Plan to any other Price Plan, regardless of whether the new Price Plan selected incorporates any bundled offerings, migration rules will apply and you may forfeit all or a portion of the accumulated bundle.

17. Calls or connections to Value Added Services and Premium rated services are excluded from the inclusive bundles and will be charged for separately at the current prevailing rate as set out in the Price Plan.

18. The following categories shall be excluded from all NXT LVL Smart Voice bundles and shall be charged for at the current prevailing Price Plan rate:

  a. International calls

      b. Premium rated calls

      c. Roaming services

      d. Premium rated IVR

      e. Premium rated Dicon

    f. Special Short Codes

    g. Video IVR

      h. International VAS and Premium services

      i. Travel Talk

      j. Conference Calls

 k. Call Sponsor (sponsored calls are charged at the sponsored party’s prevailing price plan rate)

19. The SMS carry over on Smart plans will be one month.

20. The following SMSs categories shall be excluded from SMS bundle benefit:

    a. International

      b. Premium rated

      c. Content services

      d. VAS services

21. NXT LVL Smart customers have access to certain VAS offers and services which Vodacom reserves the right to discontinue.

22. Anytime Minutes, SMSs and Data (MB) included in the NXT LVL Smart Price Plan will be available for use for a maximum of one month after the month they were allocated. 

23. The above mentioned offers and services are intended for personal and not commercial use.

24. Vodacom reserves the right to vary offers as deemed necessary.

25. To check your balances, existing channels apply

a. *111*#

b. Online (Mobi,Portal,App)

c. Customer Care

26. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of suspected abuse where non-compliant devices as specified by the regulating body ICASA are being used on the Vodacom network.

27. Vodacom may amend these Terms & Conditions by giving you reasonable notice of any such amendment.

28. We may make worldwide transfers of your personal information on our corporate systems, to other entities, agents, subcontractors in the Vodacom group companies or other relevant business partners.  You consent to Vodacom transferring and sharing your personal information on our corporate systems with the aforementioned listed parties. When making such transfers we will ensure that the necessary protections are in place to safeguard your personal information transfer under or in connection with these Terms of service and the Vodacom Privacy Policy on http://www.vodacom.com/com/main/privacypolicy.

NXT LVL Benefits - Deezer

• The following offers will exclusively be available for registered NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff customers:

1. Freemium access for 12 months  - month-to-month access

2. NXT LVL customers can opt into Deezer Premium at any time at R29.99 per month for a further period of 12 months  - once the 12 months has lapsed a month-to-month fee of R59.99 will be  applicable to the service

• Should a customer Free Change out of the Prepaid NXT LVL tariff - the freemium access or discounted access at R29.99 will be will converted to Deezer Premium and charged at the non-discounted subscription amount of R59.99. Where no funds are available, customers will automatically be moved to the Freemium offer.

• By taking up the NXT LVL Deezer offer, customers accept the general business terms and conditions that Terms and Conditions for Deezer Premium on http://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/deezer-terms-and-conditions?cid=ntrn_0_dsgn_6848 

NXT LVL Benefits – Video Play

• NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff customers qualify for the following Video Play Offer:

1. All you can consume NXT LVL category access on Video Play at R14.99

2. No additional data cost will apply

• This offer is a month to month subscription, with automatic renewal after 30 days

• When a customer Free Changes out of the prepaid NXT LVL tariff - the discounted subscription will be converted to the normal subscription rate of R29.99.

• By taking up the NXT LVL Video Play offer, customers accept the general business terms and conditions that govern the use of Video Play on: https://myvodacom.secure.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/deezer-terms-and-conditions?cid=ntrn_0_dsgn_6848