NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff Plan – Offers and Services

Terms and Conditions

1. Registered NXT LVL customers on the NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff Plan qualify to take up the following offers that are only available on this tariff:

a. NXT LVL  50,75,150 (Flex) 

b. NXT LVL Squad Shift 

c. MySquad 90Min 

d. NXT LVL Deezer Discount 

e. NXT LVL Video Play Offer

2.     Registered NXT LVL customers on the NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff Plan will also qualify for exclusive GSM and Lifestyle Rewards.

3.    Should a customer Free Change out of the tariff plan, they will lose access to these exclusive offers and rewards, which are only available to registered NXT LVL customers.

4. Offers subject to change from time to time. Customers can keep update on the latest NXT LVL offers by visiting www.vodacom.co.za

5. All other Vodacom Price Plans will not qualify for the above mentioned offers.

NXT LVL Bundles

6. NXT LVL customers on this price plan will be able to purchase units (levels) for a rand value









1 Day




1 Day




1 Day


7. The units (levels) will accumulate into a basket and customers NXT LVL customers will be able make calls, send SMS’s and use the internet using their units (levels).

8. Where other airtime or data bundle are active at the same times as a NXT LVL 50,75,150 offer, the unit (levels) will be consumed first.

9. Where all the available units are depleted, normal rates will apply to voice, data and SMS usage according to the tariff plan 

10. Multiple offers can be active at one time 

11. 1 Day offers will be valid for 1 day including the day of purchase until 23:59 on day 1

12. 3 Day offers will be valid for 3 days including the day of purchase until 23:59 on day 3

13. 7 Day offers will be valid for 7 days including the day or purchase until 23:59 on day 7

14. Depletion rates as follows: 

• 1 unit will equal  1MB

• 1 unit will equal  1 SMS

• 2 units will equal 1 ANAT  minute (flat rate)

15. Units (levels) cannot be transferred

16. No talking points can be redeemed  or earned from the units (levels)

17. Customer who purchase any of the above mentioned bundle are eligible to earn NXT LVL Squad Shift- free 90min per day every 7 days, for Vodacom to Vodacom calls between 10pm and 5am

NXT LVL Squad Shift Calling 

18. Customers on the new price plan will receive the NXT LVL Squad Shift  promotional benefit on the purchase of any bundle

19. When a customer purchases any bundle, they will receive free 90min per day for 7 days, for Vodacom to Vodacom calls

20. The free minutes can only be used between 10pm to 5am each day

21. Only 1 Squad Shift offer can be active at a time irrespective of multiple bundle purchases

22. Unused free minutes will not accumulate and will not be carried over to the to the next day

23. The 7-day service will run for 7 days from date of activation

24. Calls outside the Night Shift time window (10pm to 5am) will be charged at the users applicable tariff plan

25. When the free 90 minutes have been used up, all calls made during the Night Shift period will be charged at your applicable tariff plan

NXT LVL MySquad 90Min 

26. Customers on the NXT LVL price plan are eligible to purchase a daily calling bundle that will allocate 90min to call any 5 linked VC to VC numbers a day

27. A customer must link at least one and not more than 5 numbers in order for the service to be work 

28. Customers can change one linked number once per day, but no changes can be made while you have an active voice bundle

29. If you link a Vodacom number that is already set as a Call Sponsor number, calls to this customer will first deplete from MySquad voice minutes and then Call Sponsor rules will apply

30. If a linked Vodacom number ports off the network, this number will be removed from your links and you will be notified by SMS

31. The following business rules apply to the community calling bundle:


NXT LVL  Community Bundle





90 minutes (VC to VC)


32. The bundle minutes can only be used to make calls to linked on-net numbers and will deplete per minute

33. Multiple bundles can be purchased in a day

34. The allocated minutes and will be valid until 23:59 each day

35. The unused minutes will not accumulate and will be forfeited if not utilised by midnight each day

36. Once the 90 minutes have been depleted, calls to linked numbers will be charged at the price plan call rates

37. All other calls to non-linked numbers will be billed at the customers NXT LVL call rates

NXT LVL Deezer Offers 

1. The following offers will exclusively be available for registered NXT LVL Prepaid & Tariff customer:

a. Access to NXT LVL Freemium subscription, for a maximum of 12 consecutive months, thereafter user will be moved to the Standard Deezer Freemium service.

b. Customers can opt into Deezer NXT LVL Premium at any time at a fee of R29.99 per month (50% discount) for a maximum period of 24 months - once the 24 months has lapsed a month to month fee of R59.99 will be applicable to the service.

c. Should a customer subscribed to the R29.99 service, and then either unsubscribe or, change out of the NXT LVL tariff or, de-register from NXT LVL, they will not be eligible for the R29.99 offer again, even if they re-join the NXT LVL tariff or re-register for NXT LVL.

2. Should a customer unsubscribe from NXT LVL Tariff or de-register from NXT LVL, on the subsequent renewal date, discounted access at R29.99 will be converted to Deezer Premium and charged at the non-discounted subscription amount of R59.99 per month. Where no funds are available, customers will automatically be moved to the Freemium offer.

3. By taking up the NXT LVL Deezer offer, customers accept the general business terms and conditions that govern the use of Deezer on 

http://www.deezer.com/legal/cgu and where applicable the terms and conditions for Deezer Premium on 



NXT LVL Video Play Offers

1. NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff customers qualify for  the following Video Play Offer

1. All you can consume NXT LVL category access on Video Play at R14.99

2. No additional data cost will apply

2. This offer is a month to month subscription, with automatic renewal after 30 days

3. When a customer Free Changes out of the prepaid NXT LVL tariff - the discounted subscription will be converted to the normal subscription rate of R29.99.

4. By taking up the NXT LVL Video Play offer, customers accept the general business terms and conditions that govern the use of Video Play on:  

1. https://myvodacom.secure.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/deezer-terms-and-conditions?cid=ntrn_0_dsgn_6848

General Rules

5. NXT LVL bundles, Squad Shift minutes and MySquad 90Min cannot be used for the following call types:

i. Roaming Calls

ii. International calls

iii. Premium rated calls

iv. Video Calls

v. Through Connect

vi. Reverse Charge

vii. SVS

viii. General Service calls

ix. VAS calls

x. Directory Enquiry calls

xi. Reconnect

xii. Message forwarding

xiii. Fax Out dial

6. The above mentioned offers can be purchased on the following sales channels:

• MyPhone *111*128#

• Online – Portal, Mobi, App

• Vodacom Shops

• Customer Care

7. No refunds are allowed.

8. If the customer migrates from Prepaid or Top Up/uChoose to a Standard Contract, then all allocated offers uniquely available on the NXT LVL Prepaid Tariff Plan will be forfeited.

9. Vodacom South Africa may offer benefits and services in conjunction with third parties. Vodacom will not share customer information with third parties. Where a customer takes up or utilises the services or promotional offers provided by third party suppliers through Vodacom, the customer consents to sharing their personal information on the systems of third party in order enjoy the offers.

10. The above mentioned offers and services are intended for personal and not commercial use.

11. Vodacom reserves the right to vary offers as deemed necessary.

12. To check your balances, existing channels apply

1. *111*#

2. Online (Mobi,Portal,App)

3. Customer Care

13. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the service in the event of suspected abuse where non-compliant devices as specified by the regulating body ICASA are being used on the Vodacom network.

14. Vodacom may amend these Terms & Conditions by giving you reasonable notice of any such amendment.

15. We may make worldwide transfers of your personal information on our corporate systems, to other entities, agents, subcontractors in the Vodacom group companies or other relevant business partners.  You consent to Vodacom transferring and sharing your personal information on our corporate systems with the aforementioned listed parties. When making such transfers we will ensure that the necessary protections are in place to safeguard your personal information transfer under or in connection with these Terms of service and the Vodacom Privacy Policy on http://www.vodacom.com/com/main/privacypolicy.