Night Owl

Terms and Conditions

1. Night Owl data bundles can only be used between midnight and 5am on any day of the week.

2. Night Owl data bundles are applied to the following data products: Contract 24 Month Mobile Broadband data price plans and Contract Monthly Recurring data bundles.

3. Night Owl does not apply to; Mobile Internet Once-Off or Monthly Recurring Prepaid, Top Up or uChoose Data bundles, 24 Month Top Up Mobile Broadband data price plans, 12 Month Contract and Top Up Mobile Broadband data price plans and Mobile Broadband Once-Off data bundles.

4. A Night Owl Bundle is a free data bundle allocated as part of your 24-month contract or Mobile Internet recurring data bundle. The free bundle is equal to the size of the active bundle.  For example: If you have a 2GB data contract, you will receive another 2GB of data to use between midnight and 5 am.

5. Pro-Ration will apply to the Night Owl data bundle if a data bundle or price plan is activated in the middle of a calendar month. Pro-ration will be calculated according to the size of the bundle activated and the remaining days of the respective calendar month.

6. A Night Owl bundle is valid for a calendar month and will expire at midnight on the last day of the respective calendar month.

7. Data Sharing SIM cards linked to the main account, where there is a qualifying Night Owl data price plan or bundle active on the main account, will be allowed to share the Night Owl bundle during the applicable Night Owl usage times as stated in item no 1 of the Terms and Conditions.

8. A Night Owl bundle will be given consumption priority over any active Recurring or Once-Off bundle, between midnight and 5am, and will only be preceded in consumption by promotional bundles and/or URL specific data bundles (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) where applicable.

9. If the Night Owl bundle is either depleted between midnight and 5am, or has already been depleted and a customer is using data between midnight and 5am, the next available data bundle will be utilised. If no other bundle is available then the standard out of bundle charge per MB will apply respective of the price plan.

10. A Night Owl bundle is only applicable to standard APN’s i.e. internet,, and unrestricted. 

11. Data bundle balances as well as Night Owl data bundle balances can be checked by using any of the self-service channels or by calling 082111/082155 free from a Vodacom cell phone. Self-service channels include USSD by dialling *111# and selecting ‘balances’, by logging in and selecting ‘balances’, My Vodacom App by logging in and selecting ‘balances’, dialling 100 (Prepaid and Top Up only) and selecting the option for ‘balances’, sending a free SMS with the words MM to 31050 from the device on which the qualifying Night Owl data bundle is activated.

12. Please refer to your price plans terms and conditions for your applicable out-of-bundle rate.

13. Please refer to Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband respective Terms and Conditions for all product specific Terms and Conditions.