Daily Data Bundles

(Power Internet or Internet Daily Bundles)

Terms and conditions

1. Daily Data will be available to Vodacom Prepaid & Top Up/uChoose customers.

2. Daily Data will not be available to Vodacom Contract customers.

3. Customers can purchase unlimited Daily Data bundles.

4. Prepaid customers cannot purchase Daily Data bundles if they have another Broadband Standard or Broadband Advanced data bundle active. 

5. A customer with active Daily Data bundles cannot purchase a Broadband Standard or Broadband Advanced data bundle until the Daily Data bundle has been fully consumed, or the validity period has been exceeded.

6. Top Up Customers cannot purchase a Daily Data Bundle if they already have an active recurring / month-to-month data bundle regardless of whether or not their data has been depleted. 

7. Top Up customers can only purchase a Daily Data bundle if their once-off data bundle has been depleted (Broadband Advanced or Broadband standard) or if they are on My Meg 0. 

8. The Daily Data bundles are available for purchase anytime of the day.

9. The Daily Data bundles are valid from the time of purchase to 23:59 on the same day.

10. A customer will require a data capable device to consume a Daily Data bundle.

11. If the customer migrates from Prepaid or Top Up/uChoose to a Standard Contract, then all Daily Data bundles allocated will be forfeited.

12. The Daily Data bundles cannot be used for roaming.

13. Talking Points cannot be redeemed for the Daily Data bundles.

14. No Talking Points will be allocated to Daily Data bundle purchases.

15. No refunds for Daily Data bundle purchases will be accepted.

16. Vodacom will use its best efforts to secure the uninterrupted supply of Daily Data bundles, and will take all reasonable steps to correct any error, omission or mistake in Daily Data bundles.

17. Vodacom will under no circumstance be liable for any error, delay, failure or non-availability of Daily Data bundles, and are indemnified against any damage or loss you may sustain as a result of the aforesaid.

18. The customer agrees that Vodacom shall not be liable to the customer or to any third party for any suspension or discontinuation of Daily Data bundles.


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