Deezer T&Cs


1. Deezer is app based music service available on smartphones, PC’s and tablets. 

2. The 2 month free offer is only available for Android, Blackberry, Windows operating systems. IOS is excluded from this promotional offer.

3. The Deezer Premium+ Standalone Monthly subscription is a monthly recurring subscription valid for thirty (30) days.

4. The use of the Premium Service requires a high-speed internet connection.

5. Data is required to stream or to sync tracks to your phone/PC/tablet for use offline.

6. All related data consumption will be charged at the customer’s prevailing data tariff (in and out of bundles) and the data terms & conditions apply 

7. You can only qualify for one instance of a bundle offer per promotion (.i.e. if a customer has already benefited from a Deezer promotional offer they will not qualify for it again.)

8. We may make worldwide transfers of your personal information on our corporate systems, to other entities, agents, subcontractors in the Vodacom group companies or other relevant business partners.  You consent to Vodacom transferring and sharing your personal information on our corporate systems with the aforementioned listed parties. When making such transfers we will ensure that the necessary protections are in place to safeguard your personal information transfer under or in connection with these Terms of service and our Privacy Policy.

9. Deezer Premium+ Standard Terms of Use & Conditions apply

10. Standalone monthly recurring subscription (R59, 99 without data)

  a. When activating your standalone monthly recurring subscription of Deezer premium+ service at R59,99 you will be eligible to a two months free trial. 

  b. The free trial subscription period provides you with a sixty (60) day free subscription to the service from date of activation; thereafter the service will continue for another thirty (30) days at R59,99 per month recurring. 

  c. Once subscription expires, you can’t sync, transfer or burn tracks. Previously synced tracks/playlists will not be available. You can still listen to the advertising funded version.

  d. You will be notified before the subscription renewal date and you can choose to cancel the renewal at any time.

  e. You can cancel the rollover subscription at any time before the next renewal date with cancellation becoming effective on the next day of renewal.

  f. To unsubscribe, call customer care on 082 111 or log onto:

  g. Any related data consumption will be charged at the customer’s prevailing tariff. (in and out of bundles).

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