Backup+ and Dropbox Promotion

Backup+ and Dropbox Promotion – Terms and Conditions

1. If you use Backup+ you may be eligible for 25GB of additional storage in a new Dropbox account for a period of 12 months at no additional cost,(the “Promotion”), but only if you:

   a) create a new Dropbox account during the Backup+ registration process; 

   b) link your Backup+ account with your newly created Dropbox account; and

   c) complete at least five of the seven steps in Dropbox’s Get Started process after linking your Dropbox account with Backup+ (to find out more go to

2. The Promotion remains valid from 18 August 2015 until 18 August 2016 (“the Promotion Period”), after which it will no longer be available. We reserve the right to curtail or extend the period of the Promotion.

3. If you are eligible for the Promotion, your 12 month period will begin on the day you complete the fifth step of Dropbox’s Get Started process. If at any time during the 12 month period you cancel your subscriber agreement with Vodacom, you will no longer be entitled to receive the additional 25GB of Dropbox storage capacity.  For additional storage you can pay to upgrade to Dropbox Pro at any time by logging onto your Dropbox account online. 

4. Once you have completed the registration process to create a Dropbox account you will become a customer of Dropbox Inc. Your use of Dropbox is subject to Dropbox’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, available at and 

5. Your use of Backup+ is subject to the Terms and Conditions available at and Vodacom’s Privacy Policy available at

6. These terms and your use of Backup+ will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes will be dealt with by courts of England and Wales, subject to any applicable law which provides a different jurisdiction for you as a consumer. 


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