Airtime Advance Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to the Vodacom Airtime Advance (“the Services”), you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

1. The Service is available to Vodacom Prepaid customers with the following qualifying criteria:

      - Must have been active on the network for 6 months or more;

      - Minimum recharges of R29 (can be cumulative) per month over 3 months;

      - Must be registered for RICA.

2. The Service is also available to uChoose and Top up customers with the following qualifying criteria:

      - Must have been active on the network

      - Account must have been paid up to the month prior;

      - Must be registered for RICA.

3. Only eligible Vodacom Prepaid, uChoose and Top up customers will be offered the service. 

4. The Airtime Advance value for Prepaid customers will be R5 or R10 VAT Inclusive. 

5. The Airtime Advance value for uChoose and Top up customers will be R10 VAT Inclusive. 

6. A service fee of R1.00 VAT Inclusive over and above the Airtime Advance amount of either R5 or R10 will be applicable. 

7. The service fee of R1.00 VAT Inclusive will be added to the Airtime Advance balance that must be paid back. When the customer recharges, the full Airtime Advance amount must be recovered i.e. R10 + R1 = R11 or  R5+ R1 = R6.

Example A: if the customer owing R10 recharges with R12, R11 will be deducted and R1 will be loaded in the customer`s account.

Example B: if the customer owing R5 recharges with R10, R6 will be deducted and R4 will be loaded in the customer’s account.

8. Should the customer recharge with a lower denomination than that of the full value of the Airtime Advance, the full amount of the recharge will be deducted until the full cumulative value has been recovered.

9. The Airtime Advance service can be taken up by the customer directly using USSD *111*082# or through My Phone menu (*111#). 

10. The customer will only be offered another Airtime Advance once the full value of the previous request and service fee has been recovered by Vodacom. 

11. The Airtime Advance value must be recovered within 30 days from date of the request, should the customer not recharge and the full value is not recovered within the 30 days, the customer will be de-provisioned from the service. 

12. Customers that have an outstanding airtime advance who wish to migrate to Top Up or Contract will be allowed, and the outstanding balance will be added to their contract cost. 

13. The customer’s Airtime Advance can be recovered by ANY recharge, including Airtime Transfers, CRM recharge incentives. 

14. The Airtime Advance facility will reset to the full allowed allowance once all funds have been recovered by Vodacom. 

15. The Airtime Advance facility can be used for any transaction i.e. Voice, Data, and SMS. 

16. Airtime Advance will be seen as a normal recharge in the customer’s account. 

17. Customers will be allowed to transfer their Airtime Advance as per the current Airtime Transfer business rules. 

18. Customers will receive the following confirmation SMS:

When their account has been credited with the Airtime Advance amount;

On recharge and the Airtime Advance deduction has been made and when the full amount of the Airtime Advance has been recovered.

19. No talking points will be allocated for an airtime advance. Normal business rules apply for recharges.

20. Vodacom has the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time with the method of notice determined by Vodacom.

21. Effective from 15 April 2015 Top up and uChoose customers who use Airtime Advance and do not recharge within 30 days will have the outstanding airtime advance amount added to their next bill which will become due and payable on their next payment. Customers, who do not make the required full payment at the next bill payment date, will have the Airtime Advance service cancelled.


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