Summer Prepaid Consumer Competition

Terms and Conditions


Initial Engagement

This promotion will run from 1 November 2015 to 31 January 2016 and all qualifying pairings during this period will receive an allocation


A qualifying pairing will receive an allocation of R300


Qualifying devices will be as follows:

Mobiwire Aponi

Vodacom Smart Kicka

ZTE C310

Huawei Y221

Vodacom Smart 6

Vodacom Smart Grand

Galaxy Trend Neo

Huawei Y5

Vodacom Smart Speed

Samsung J1 LTE

Huawei Y6

E4G Xperia

LG Leon 4G

Vodacom Smart Tab 3G

Pixie 4.5” 3G


A successful pairing will be a qualifying Prepaid subscriber and a qualifying device


A qualifying prepaid subscriber can be: all prepaid subscribers (existing, conversions,  new and ported in)


Postpaid and Top-Up/uChoose customers do not qualify


A customer (MSISDN) can only take part in one qualifying device at a time.

[That is, a qualifying customer that places their SIM into a qualifying device will receive an allocation but any subsequent pairings with another qualifying device will not result in an allocation while the previous promotion is active]


Customers can only participate in a device proposition during the defined promotional period; that is any purchases of promotional devices outside the Summer 2015 promotional period will not trigger an allocation.


Valid usage of allocations to continue after the end-date of the Summer 2015 promotion. That is any allocations made after 25 January 2016 will have a portion of their 7 day validity bonus airtime still valid in February 2016 and this must still be usable, if applicable.




 A particular device can only take part in a specific device campaign at a time, i.e. once a device is part of a successful device/SIM pairing, including allocation, that device cannot be part of another device/SIM pair in the same campaign

One device + one SIM pairing allowed within a campaign


Once the device campaign bundle (i.e. the bonus airtime allocation) has been depleted, standard out of bundle rates will apply, depending on the tariff plan the subscriber is on and if there are no other active bundles


Bonus Airtime


Bonus airtime allocated will only be allocated for successful pairings with qualifying devices


Bonus airtime will have an expiry of 7 days from allocation-date.


Bonus airtime counters will have the following depletion rates:



Voice (anytime, to any SA network)




SMS (anytime, to any SA network)



There will be no carry-over, i.e. all bundles should expire at the end of the defined validity period


Bonus airtime cannot be used for the following:

a.   Purchase any bundle [voice/SMS/data] or digital [including V-live] content;

b.   Once-off and recurring data bundles

c.   Once-off and recurring SMS/MMS bundles

d.   Once-off and recurring voice bundles

e.   WASP/ Content and Premium rated services

f.    BIS/BES

g.   Prepaid promotions (e.g. Power Hour)

h.   Airtime Transfer

i.    Vodacom Millionaires entries

j.    Premium calls/SMS

k.   Airtime transfer to another customer

l.    Repay airtime advance debit

m.  International calling/SMS or any roaming services (calling, SMS or data)

n.   Use & Get

o.   Spend & Get (Power Up)


Allocation of free airtime will not count towards any recharge incentives such as;

a.   Night Shift

b.   Just for You

c.   Recharge & Get

d.   Talking Points