Promotional Line deals

Promotional Line or two line deals allows a customer to activate a new line or upgrade a current line (primary) and as part of the deal will get a second line (and possible device depending on the deal) subscription free for the term of the contract.              

Rating and charging 

  • The promotional line will have the subscription discounted to zero due to it being subsidized by the first line, however the customer will be liable for usage not covered by the monthly allocation and any services or usage added to bill on promotional line. Rates will be in accordance to the price plan selected in the deal

  • Standard rates apply to international services, content and premium rated services

End of contract 

  • At the end of the contract term should a customer not upgrade the second line (promotional line) the customer will remain on the tariff and be charged the relevant monthly subscription.


  • The promotional line can migrate to another price plan whilst in-life (i.e. within the term of the contract) after a period of 3 months from sign up. The promotional line will be billed in accordance with the migration rules and relevant monthly subscription of the price plan migrated to

  • At point of upgrade the customer can upgrade the primary and promotional line. The promotional line will no longer be free in the new upgraded deal. Normal upgrade rules apply


  • If a customer cancels the primary line, both lines (primary & promotional line) will be cancelled and clawback rules will apply

  • A customer can cancel the promotional line (only) without penalty