Out with the old, in with the NEW and SAVE!

Vodacom trade-in programme allows you to unlock the value of your phone and get a discounted monthly subscription tariff. 

  • Trade in your older cellphone for a new one
  • Get the latest smartphones
  • You pay less monthly
  • Available on selected deals and handset models
    • Device must power up
    • Screen must not be damage
    • Device must be intact
    • Device must have battery and cover
    • Device must not be blacklisted
    • IMEI on the device back panel must match IMEI on the screen

      Note: Charger is not required

    Please note: Trade-ins can only be done in-store and are subject to evaluation. 

      Q. What is trade-in?

      A: Vodacom trade-in programme allows you to trade-in your old Phone and receive reduced monthly subscriptions on your new one.
      Q: Can I trade-in any cell phone or device?

      A: No, currently you can trade-in selected models only. A list of eligible devices can be found in stores.

      Q: Can anyone with a qualifying trade-in cell phone take advantage of this offer?

      A: Yes, provided that the handset is eligible for trade-in and meets the trade in requirements.

      Q. Are trade-in deals available on Prepaid?

      A. No, the Trade-In Programme is applicable on contract deals only.

      Q. Can I trade in devices from other network operators?

      A. Yes, as long as you are due for an upgrade or are taking out a new contract and the trade-in cell phone meets the requirements.

      Q. What do I need to present upon trade-in?

      A. You will need to provide the trade-in cell phone with its back cover and battery, and the above criteria must be met

      Q. What is not required for trade-in?

      A. We do not require the cell phone box, charger, accessories or manual.

      Q: I changed my mind and no longer want to trade-in my old iPhone?

      A: If you haven’t handed over the device and signed the trade-in agreement, then the trade-in transaction will be cancelled. Once a device has been traded-in, it cannot be reclaimed.


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