Data Bundles for your smartphone 

Once-off and Monthly Recurring data bundles to suit your needs.

  • Convenient Internet connectivity on-the-go for your phone
  • The freedom to choose between cost-effective Monthly Recurring or Once-off bundles
  • Add more data as your needs change

To buy smartphone data bundles

Log in to My Vodacom 


Dial *135#, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone

Terms and conditions apply

What is data?          

Data is like fuel for the Internet. We use data when we send or receive information like when you open a web page, send a WhatsApp message, or upload a photo to Facebook. Our smartphones and other electronic devices are almost permanently connected to the Internet and this is why we need data to fuel them. A data bundle is a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure that you always have enough fuel for your Internet experience.

Once-off and Monthly Recurring data bundles for your smartphone on your voice price plan

Price Bundle
In-bundle rates
per MB
*Out-of-bundle rates
Contract per MB
Out-of-bundle rates
Top Up per MB
R1015MB60c R189c
R1230MB40c  R189c
R29100MB29c R189c
R59250MB24c R189c
R99500MB20c R189c
R1491GB15c R189c
R2492GB12c R189c
R2993GB10c 50c 89c
R3995GB8c 50c 89c
R59910GB 6c 50c 89c
R999 20GB 5c 44c 89c 
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*Contract out-of-bundle rates only apply if you have an active Monthly Recurring bundle, or on any RED, Smart or uChoose price plan.

Terms and Conditions apply for Monthly Recurring data bundles

Terms and Conditions apply for Once-off data bundles

Once-off and Monthly Recurring G-Connect WiFi bundles for your voice price plan

Add a WiFi bundle to use in public WirelessG or AlwaysOn hotspots like hotels, restaurants or on-board local Mango flights for fast and reliable WiFi access on-the-go. Remember to buy before you board the plane. Simply register on My Vodacom or download the My Vodacom app and use the same login details to connect to the hotspot.
PriceBundle sizeIn-bundle rates
per MB 
R19 100MB19c
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*WiFi bundles require a WiFi-enabled device and the user needs to be in a AlwaysOn or WirelessG WiFi hotspot in order to use the bundle. WiFi bundles do not have an out-of-bundle rate, and a new bundle will need to be purchased when the existing bundle is depleted. 

Terms and Conditions apply for Monthly Recurring Wi-Fi bundles

Terms and Conditions apply for Once-off Wi-Fi bundles

Internet Daily

PriceBundle sizeIn-bundle rates
per MB 
Out-of-bundle rate
Top Up 
Out-of-bundle rate
R20250MB8c89c  89c
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*Internet Daily is only available to Top Up, uChoose and Prepaid price plans.

Terms and conditions apply


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