G-Connect WiFi bundles

Convenient, wireless Internet connectivity.

  • The fastest growing WiFi hotspot network in South Africa.
  • Cost-effective data bundles for use in G-Connect and AlwaysOn hotspots.
  • Hassle-free, convenient and wireless!

To buy G-Connect WiFi bundles

Log in to My Vodacom 


Dial *135#, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

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  • Overview
  • Features and benefits
  • Plans and costs
  • How does it work?

What are G-Connect WiFi bundles?

We've partnered with WirelessG, a leading pioneer and specialist in WiFi Internet technology, to offer you easy WiFi  access within any of their G-Connect WiFi hotspots including AlwaysOn hotspots.

G-Connect WiFi bundles provide Internet access at various WiFi hotspots in South Africa. You can use your G-Connect WiFi bundles whenever your wireless device picks up a WiFi signal of a hotspot that forms part of the G-Connect WiFi hotspot footprint. Find the find the nearest hotspot

Log in to My Vodacom to buy G-Connect WiFi bundles. The cost will be added to your monthly Vodacom bill or deducted from your Prepaid airtime..

To buy G-Connect WiFi bundles:

Features and benefits

Best data experience

The fastest growing WiFi footprint with outstanding coverage and secure connectivity - no restrictions!   

Wide choice of hotspots

Access the Internet in any G-Connect or AlwaysOn hotspot on our G-Connect WiFi roaming network.

Expert support

Our highly-skilled support team is ready to help you 24/7 - Simply call 082 135, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

G-Connect bundles and costs

WiFi limit per month
Pass value
100MB   R19   30 days  Buy
250MB   R29    30 days Buy
500MB  R50   30 days Buy
2GB   R141   30 days Buy

How does it work?


1. Log in/register


2. Buy wireless bundles


3. Log on from the device


Log in to My Vodacom or 
register now 

Buy a G-Connect WiFi bundle

Buy a G-Connect Wi-Fibundle


Log in to the hotspot's G-Connect
website using your My Vodacom
username and password. 

Features and benefits

  • G-Connect gives you the freedom to stay connected by accessing WiFi hotspots in coffee shops, airports, etc.
  • Safe and secure, you can charge the G-Connect WiFi bundle to your Vodacom account and log in with your My Vodacom username and password.
  • 24/7 support – all year round. 
  • Enjoy Internet access onboard flights with G-Connect In-Flight WiFi.

It’s easy to buy a new bundle when your current one runs out. Simply choose the bundle that suits your usage needs and your budget, and with convenient options to choose from, you can stay connected with confidence. 

How much do G-Connect WiFi bundles cost?

WiFi limit per month Pass value Validity
100MB   R19   30 days  Buy
250MB    R29    30 days  Buy
500MB   R50   30 days  Buy
2GB    R141   30 days  Buy

How do I buy G-Connect WiFi bundles?

There are 3 ways to buy a G-Connect WiFi bundle:

The cost of the bundle will come off your Vodacom Prepaid airtime or it will be added to your monthly Vodacom bill.

WiFi makes browsing the Internet plus sending and receiving emails easy and convenient. Now, with Vodacom and Wireless G, your service can remain uninterrupted while giving you peace-of-mind.  

Choose a G-Connect WiFi bundle and use it on the go without the hassle of having to pay immediately by credit card. Simply add it to your account and pay it as part of your regular monthly Vodacom bill or have the cost deducted from your Prepaid airtime.

You can buy once-off or recurring G-Connect WiFi bundles at affordable prices. 

To connect your device when in a WiFi Hotspot:

  1. Go to your device settings and turn on WiFi.
  2. Choose the G-Connect, AlwaysOn or WirelessG option.
  3. Open your Internet browser and select 'Vodacom' under “Select your Service Provider”.
  4. Enter your My Vodacom username and password to connect.

View available hotspots on the WirelessG coverage map


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