South Africa’s best network for smartphones keeps on getting faster!

  • Get much faster Internet  speed at no additional charge
  • Enjoy reliable and uninterrupted connectivity to download and upload pictures, stream videos, check email and so much more
  • You can only enjoy the fastest Internet roaming speeds with LTE roaming

To activate LTE

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Call 082 155, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone

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What is LTE?

  •  LTE is a wireless broadband technology designed to support high speed mobile Internet access via cellphones, tablets and modems
  •  It is much faster than your usual 3G speeds
  •  LTE can reach up to 60Mbps in ideal conditions. On average, LTE customers experience around 15Mbps

Who can get LTE?

You will get LTE if you are a Vodacom contract, Top Up, uChoose or prepaid customer with:

  • An LTE capable device that operates in the 1800Mhz frequency band
  • A 64k or a 128k SIM in the LTE capable device
  • You are within Vodacom’s extensive national LTE coverage
  • Click here to view the LTE coverage map

Why should I get LTE?

Highly reliable, uninterrupted connectivity

Enjoy everything that the Internet has to offer seamlessly- View image heavy web pages without a delay and stream music and videos at a considerably higher speed than a conventional dial-up modem.

Great online experience 

Enjoy your entire online experience while saving time with high speed Internet connectivity and reduced latency.

What does LTE cost?

  • Vodacom’s LTE network is available to any Vodacom customer as long as the customer has an LTE capable device, correct SIM and is within LTE coverage.

How do I get and use LTE?

You must enable LTE on your device and activate it on your account.

To enable LTE on your device:

  1. Set the APN of the phone to (you may need to reboot your phone)
  2. Set the network mode on the device to automatic
  3. Your phone will automatically switch to the LTE network when you are within an LTE coverage area
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To activate LTE on your account:

  • Call 082 155, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone for assistance with the set up
  • Visit any Vodacom Shop for assistance 

Report LTE network faults:

To help us fix connectivity problems quickly, please tell us exactly where you experienced poor coverage or had no reception.