Vodacom Fibre voice plans

Add a home phone to your Fibre data package and save an average of 30% on your monthly phone bill.

Voice plans


Talk 250

Talk 500           

Talk Unlimited 

FREE Anytime Minutes                              

 250                       500


Total cost per month

R129  R229  R499 

International Calling Rates                                                                                                                 Coming Soon

Should you run out of minutes, you can top up your account with any of these bundles.

100 Minutes200 Minutes 300 Minutes 
Anytime Minutes 100 200 300 
Total cost per bundle R65R120

Rates for out-of-bundle calls

Calls to Vodacom fixed lines                                                                                                     19c per minute                      
Calls to other fixed lines                             39c per minute
Calls to all mobile numbers                        57c per minute      
Per second billing applies for all national calls of less than 60 seconds


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