Voicemail Plus

Get your fax and voicemail messages delivered to your email inbox. 

  • Receive faxes without a fax machine.
  • Set up your fax and voicemail to be forwarded to any email address.
  • Forward messages to anyone on your email contacts list.

To activate Voicemail Plus

Contact your service provider
Call Customer Care on 082 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.  

Terms & conditions apply

What is Voicemail Plus?

  • Voicemail Plus converts faxes and voicemail received into email and automatically forwards them to a designated email address.
  • Voice messages can be up to 120 seconds long.
  • Store and print 40 fax messages totalling up to 60 pages, provided there are no voice messages saved.
  • Saves played messages for up to 14 days.

Who can get Voicemail Plus?  

Vodacom Contract customers can get Voicemail Plus.

Why should I get Voicemail Plus?

Save costs on expensive equipment

Receive faxes directly in your email inbox without a fax machine, any extra software or additional phone lines.

Do more with your messages

Forward your messages to anyone by email or forward a voice message to another person’s voicemail.

Save your messages for longer

Keep a total of 40 voice or fax messages, store new messages for 30 days and file saved messages for up to 14 days.

How much does Voicemail Plus cost?

Contract customers pay only R20 per month for the Voicemail Plus service.

How do I get and use Voicemail Plus?

To get Voicemail Plus:

  • Contact your Service Provider

  • Call Customer Care on 082 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone

To send a fax to Voicemail Plus:

Dial 082 131 and the last seven digits of the Vodacom Contract customer’s cellphone number.

To return a call:

Call a number back, directly from the voicemail, by dialling '3’.

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