SMS Roamer

Stay in touch via SMS while travelling

Activate SMS Roamer before you leave South Africa and avoid spending money on data and voice roaming costs.


Please note: 

    •         All Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers can use SMS Roamer on our International Roaming partner networks

    •         ALL voice and data functions on your cellphone are disabled while SMS Roamer is active.

    •         You need to deactivate SMS Roamer when you return so that your voice and data functions are re-enabled. 

    Terms and conditions apply

    How to activate & deactivate SMS Roamer

    To activate SMS Roamer                  To deactivate SMS Roamer                       
    Activate BEFORE you leave              Deactivate when you return         
    SMS 'Roamon' to 123                        SMS 'Roamoff' to 123                

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