Data Roaming 

Easy access to the internet , email and your company's network while travelling outside South Africa 

  • Widest data coverage with discounted data rates on Vodacom and Vodafone networks globally 
  • Fastest data connection speeds with LTE roaming on selected Vodafone networks

To get Data Roaming

Activate basic roaming for voice, SMS and data roaming services.

To activate call customer care on 082111 from your Vodacom cellphone.

Your request will be processed, roaming may be activated immediately or a deposit may be required.


Terms & conditions apply

A first for South Africa: LTE Roaming

What is LTE Roaming?

LTE Roaming is a wireless broadband technology that offers Data roaming with high-speed connections faster than 3G while abroad.

LTE roaming will ensure seamless video and music streaming, web surfing, and email downloading.

It will automatically be available when you use data services with an LTE phone or device with a 64k or 128k SIM card. The active LTE networks are listed below with further networks from around the world being added in the coming months.

It is available at no additional cost as standard roaming rates will apply.

List of LTE roaming networks:

Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone Portugal

Vodafone Romania

Vodafone Spain

Vodafone Netherlands

Vodafone New Zealand

Vodafone UK

    How much does Data Roaming cost? 

    Data Roaming is charged in South African Rand at a rate per MB. To view all countries and their roaming rates please - click here


    Cost per MB used  (Inclusive of VAT)

    Vodafone World - Neighbouring countriesR51.10 
    Vodafone World - Sub-Saharan Africa  R102.40 
    Vodafone World - Rest of the world R128.00 
    Super Saver networks R17.50 
    Africa Roaming family R5.00 
    Vodacom Travel Saver  R2.00

    With our Super-Saver Data rates you automatically qualify for a reduced rate at R17.50 per MB when you roam on selected Vodafone partner networks.

    With our Africa roaming data rates you automatically qualify for a reduced rate at R5.00 per MB when you roam on selected Africa Vodacom partner networks

    With our Vodacom Travel Saver data rates you can enjoy using data at a reduced rate of R2.00 per MB when you activate the service and roam. Click here for list of countries.

      Enjoy the fastest connectivity speeds

      With LTE roaming you can download emails and upload pictures to social networks with internet speeds faster on LTE than compared to 3G and you do not pay extra data rates for LTE roaming. 

      Stay connected when you travel

      Data roaming is automatically enabled for Vodacom Contract customers when basic roaming is activated. 

      Control your data connectivity costs

      We want you to stay in control of your data roaming spend when you’re abroad – so we offer a data spend alert system that notifies you at R2000 increments of data spent. You don’t have to do anything – we’ll text you for free.