Vodafone Protect

Safeguard your phone with our FREE security app.

  • Powered by McAfee, Vodafone Protect enables you to find, lock and wipe your phone 
  • Get call & SMS filtering, anti-virus as well as app and web protection in the premium package

To download Vodafone Protect

Visit your cellphone's app store

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What is Vodafone Protect?

  • Remotely locate, lock and wipe your lost or stolen cellphone to prevent others from accessing your personal data, including data on your SD card
  • Comes with a 'Lock & Beep’ feature that lets you find your cellphone if it gets misplaced

Why should I get Vodafone Protect?

Now that you've protected your personal information, ensure that your device is also protected against loss, theft and damage by insuring your cellphone, laptop or portable device with Vodacom Insurance from as little as R35 per month. 

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Locate your lost or stolen cellphone

Locate your cellphone on a map or use the ‘Lock & Beep’ feature to find your cellphone if it’s in close range. 

Keep your data safe and secure

Remotely lock and wipe all private content from your lost or stolen cellphone and SD card.

Restore quickly and easy

Get call & SMS filtering, anti-virus as well as app and web protection in the premium package.

How much does Vodafone Protect cost?   
Vodafone Protect Free
Vodafone Protect Premium
To download app
Subscription for
  • Anti-virus
  • Call & SMS filtering
  • App & web protection 
Not available R20 per month

    Please note:

    While the app is available for FREE, the download will be charged according to your price plan's data rate.

    Vodafone Protect will no longer be available on BlackBerry App World and is discontinued for all BlackBerry devices from 30 June 2015. We recommend uninstalling and deleting the Vodafone Protect app on BlackBerry devices.

    How do I get & use Vodafone Protect?

    To get the app:


    • Android™
    • Get the app from Google Play.
    • Vodacom App Store
    • Download from the Vodacom App Store on your phone.

    Register to start

    Register the app online


    Register with your cellphone

    1. Verify your cellphone number
    2. Select a 6-digit PIN
    3. Enter an email address that we can use to reset your PIN if required

    You're now ready to use the app!

    Use the app to find your phone

    Help & Support:

    Vodafone Protect FAQs

    Read our Frequently Asked Questions online to get all the Vodafone Protect support you need.

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