Onyx to Platinum membership

Your Vodacom Onyx membership has unfortunately not been renewed as you have not met our qualifying criteria.
However, you do now qualify for an annual membership to our Platinum programme.

Why has your Onyx membership expired?

Your membership has expired based on the current Onyx spend qualification criteria, that is R5200 or more per month excluding roaming and R7200 or more per month including roaming*, which you have not met. 

Platinum benefits:

Annual cellphone upgrade

Annual upgrade for a device of your choice, free of charge, according to your price plan

Stolen or Lost Mobile Devices

A courtesy phone of the same or similar make and model to yours, delivered to you on loan for 30 days if yours is defective, stolen or lost

24 hour Premium Service Desk

24 hour access to our Premium Service Desk to handle all your service requests 

To learn more about all the exclusive benefits Click here.

How will this affect your current & future membership? 

  • You have qualified for Platinum programme membership, based on the current spend criteria, that is R2200 or more per month* excluding roaming and R4200 or more per month* including roaming, as per the current programme rules.
  • From 1 June 2016, membership of the prestigious Vodacom Onyx programme will be confirmed by a personal invitation.  It will provide us with a unique opportunity to recognise strategic accounts and a limited number of customers.
  • The new spend criteria will apply from 1 June 2016. This means that you will need to achieve an average spend of R2400 or more per month** at your membership renewal in 2017 for your Platinum membership to be renewed.
  • From 1 June 2016, new platinum programme qualifying spend criteria will apply. You will need to maintain an average spend of R2 400 or more per month** for your Platinum programme membership to be renewed in 2017.

Click here for information on the programme rules & Click here  for examples of how you can meet the Platinum spend criteria.

*Calculated over a rolling 6-month period.     
**Calculated over a rolling 6-month period, excludes handset or device financing fee, roaming and insurance.

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