Platinum membership changes

What's new and when?

Since the launch of our Platinum programme in 2003, the benefits and rules have remained mostly unchanged. Due to the introduction of many new products and services to our portfolio, it is now essential for us to revise the rules and membership criteria of our Platinum programme in order to continue to offer our members a superior experience.

What’s new and when?

  • From 1 June, membership of the exclusive Vodacom Platinum programme will be available to our private customers who spend an average of R2 400 or more per month*

  • Qualifying spend will be based on local bill charges (charges or fees accumulated in South Africa) and limited to spend accumulated on a single contract line.  In the past, the qualifying spend was R2200 or more per month* excluding roaming and R4200 or more per month*, including roaming.

  • Membership of both programmes will continue to be reviewed annually.

    These changes will be effective from 1 June 2016.

How will this affect your current and future membership? 

Since your Platinum membership expires between 1 March and 31 May 2016, the current programme rules will apply:

  • Your membership will be renewed based on the current spend criteria, that is R2200 or more per month* excluding roaming and R4200 or more per month* including roaming, as per the current programme rules.
  • If you do not meet the current spend criteria of R2200 or more per month* excluding roaming and R4200 or more per month* including roaming, your membership will end, as per the current programme rules.   
  • The new spend criteria will only apply from 1 June 2016. This means that you will need to achieve an average spend of R2400 or more per month** at your membership renewal in 2017 for your Platinum membership to be renewed. Once your membership has lapsed, should you increase your spend to the required level of R2 400 or more**, you will then re-qualify for the Platinum programme.

Click here for information on the changes & examples of how you can meet the new Platinum spend criteria.

*Calculated over a rolling 6-month period.     
**Calculated over a rolling 6-month period, excludes handset or device financing fee and insurance.

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