Mobile Broadband services

Vodacom's mobile data services offer its customers mobile, instant and affordable broadband access to the internet and email, or their company network - from cell phone, laptop or desktop. It's a whole new concept in conducting business today because business goes wherever you do. With 3G HSDPA customers can connect via their phone, PDA or laptop. The days of being tied to a desk to be a successful businessperson are long gone. Vodacom’s mobile broadband allows customers to be connected to their world of business anytime, anywhere and everywhere.


Vodacom Broadband gives instant access to the Internet allowing the customers to conveniently retrieve emails, search websites, view live sport from around the world, access infotainment services and the latest news, watch videos on YouTube, purchase and tweet on Twitter and update your Facebook page.

Get started with Data Bundles on a Prepaid, Once off or 24-month Data Contract option.


A Data Bundle is the amounts of data customers buy to enable more affordable access to the Internet. Once a customer has chosen a Data Bundle s/he’ll be able to browse, download and upload pictures, video, music, email and more at more affordable rates. Depending on their Internet usage requirements, Vodacom offers them various Data Bundle options.


New Customers

  • Applications for the Vodacom data contracts will be completed
  • Customers must meet Vodacoms current authorization requirements.
  • The contracts are available as a 24 and 36 months contracts.
  • A once-off connection fee is payable on application for the contract.
  • New connections are done anytime.



Migrating Customers

  • Migrations are done month ends only.
  • Upward migrations are free of charge.
  • A downward migration to a lesser subscription package will incur a migration fee and penalty as described in the contract.
  • Prepaid data customers shall not incur any cost for migration, no SIM swop is needed.



General Business Rules

  • All subscribers to the Vodacom data contracts packages will be required to provide a Bank account that will be used to debit the subscriptions & usage fees.
  • Customers cannot carry over their unused data bundles to next months.
  • Customers must give one calendar month notice for cancellation of their contract in writing and conditions on the contract will apply.
  • Subscriptions are charged monthly in advance, at the commencement of the month.



Data Bundles

  • Data bundles may be utilised for all data services, i.e. internet, emails, connecting to corporate LAN etc.
  • Customers will be notified by SMSs of 50%, 75% and 100% data bundles usage.
  • Once customers have completed their data bundles they will be charged out of bundle rate until they reach their bill limit.
  • The bill limits are fixed for each product (2x monthly subscription).
  • Once customers reach their bill limit they will be notified and will not be allowed to use the services. They can buy the top ups data bundles to resume using the services.
  • A usage event can be partially bundled if there is unused bundle, for which the usage event qualifies, before the rating of the usage, i.e. if your data bundles finished during a session then out of bundle rate will apply and the session will not stop.