About voicemail


Voicemail is a convenient service that ensures you never miss important messages even when you’re not able to pick up your phone by storing your voice messages whenever you are not available, so that you can listen to them later.


How to activate voicemail


To activate your voicemail, dial 133 and follow the voice prompts

You will be notified via SMS whenever someone leaves you a voice message


How to retrieve your voicemail


Dial 133 from your phone and follow the voice prompts


How much does it cost?


Retrieving voicemail from your phone is free





How to Divert your Calls


Call divert set up is done on the phone using your phone menu.  This varies from phone to phone depending on the phone model.


To activate diverts on your phone


Choose preferred option:

o Divert when busy

o Divert when no reply

o Divert when not reachable


Diverting calls to your Mailbox:


The Mailbox number used when setting call diverts to the Mailbox is 5131XXXXXXX where the 7x’s are the last seven digits of the cell phone number creating that mailbox




Missed Call Notification is a service that is automatically given to you as a customer, if you qualify.  It informs you of the following:


o The calls you missed while your phone was not available (i.e. while switched off or out of coverage)

o Frequency of the missed calls and time at which they were missed (i.e. if you missed a  call from one number 10 times, it will show as missed 10 times).





Call me is a service that lets you send a message to someone, asking them to call you back – even when you don’t have any airtime.  You can send a Please Call Me message by dialing *140*<number>#, e.g. *140*58851234#


Call Me Menu


o Dial *140#

o Choose your requirement on the menu