Instant Top Up

Recharge your airtime now and pay later


Simply activate this service to instantly top up your airtime with any amount between R5 and the maximum recharge according to your Top Up price plan.


As a Top Up or uChoose customer, you can use the service as many times as you wish per month, as long as the total recharge amounts don?t exceed your monthly maximum Instant Top Up recharge provisioned for your price plan.


Why should I use Instant Top Up?

  • o Recharge instantly even if you don't have funds immediately available

  • o No subscriptions

  • o No admin fees

How do I get Instant Top Up ?
You can activate Instant Top Up for FREE, at your Service Provider or any Vodacom approved dealer. Vodacom customers can also activate this service by dialling 082 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone./div> Corporate Top Up customers can contact the Corporate Help Desk on 082 1940 for assistance.


Once activated, follow these instructions:
  • o Dial *100*04*(amount)#, FREE from your Vodacom cellphone. Example: if you want to recharge with R50 dial *100*04*50#

  • o You will receive a confirmation SMS

  • o To check your account balance, dial *111#


Please note:
  • ? Top Up contract amounts cannot be carried over from month-to-month, so if you are provisioned for R70 and use only R30, you will not be able to carry the remaining R40 over to the next month.
  • ? If you've done an Instant Top Up recharge of R30 and did not use the total amount of airtime, you can carry over the unused airtime to the next month.


For more information, call 082 111 , FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.


How much does it cost?

The total of your monthly Instant Top Up recharge amounts will be billed for at the end of the following month.
24-month Contract Recharge amount (VAT Incl.)
uChoose Flexi 50 R15
uChoose Flexi 100 R30
uChoose Flexi 150 R45
uChoose Flexi 200 R60
uChoose Flexi 350 R120
uChoose Flexi 500 R200
uChoose Flexi 750 R300
uChoose Smart S R80
uChoose Smart M R115
uChoose Smart L R220
uChoose Smart XL R300
24-month Contract Recharge amount (VAT Incl.)
Business Top Up R110.00
Family Top Up R45.00
Top Up 49 S R20.00
Top Up 75 S R30.00
Top Up 135 S R45.00
Top Up 200 S R70.00
Top Up 275 S R95.00
Top Up 315 S R110.00
Top Up 400 S R140.00
Top Up 500 S R175.00
Top Up 590 R205.00
Top Up Lite R40.00
Vodacom 4u 75 S R30.00
Top Up Vodacom 4 Less 99 R30.00
Top Up Vodacom 4 Less 199 R70.00
Month-to-Month Contract Recharge amount (VAT Incl.)
Family Top Up Month-to-Month R45.00
Top Up 49s Month-to-Month R20.00
Top Up 75s Month-to-Month R30.00
Top Up 135s Month-to-Month R45.00
Top Up 200 S Month-to-Month R70.00
Top Up 275 S Month-to-Month R95.00
Top Up 315 S Month-to-Month R110.00
Top Up 400 S Month-to-Month R140.00
Top Up 500 S Month-to-Month R175.00
Top Up Vodacom 4 Less 99  Month-to-Month R30.00
Top Up Vodacom 4Less 199  Month-to-Month R70.00