Look 4 Me

What is it?

Locate loved ones using Vodacom Contract, Prepaid and ported numbers with  Vodacom Look 4 Me . All you need is consent from the person you would like to track.
You can get a description of the cellphone's location by:
  • SMS notification
  • Requesting a map (with the quality and resolution being cellphone dependent)
  • Logging on to www.look4me.co.za


How do I get Look 4 Me?

If you are a Vodacom Contract customer, you can do any of the following:
  • SMS ? REGISTER ? to 31888
  • Visit www.look4me.co.za . Select "Register" and follow the steps
  • Go to wap.look4me.co.za on your GPRS or 3G cellphone and select the "Subscribe? tab.
If you are a Vodacom Prepaid customer:
  • Visit a Vodacom Shop and ask an assistant to activate Look 4 Me on your account. You will be required to produce your ID document and pay R10.00 to be able to complete the activation.
To unsubscribe from this service, you can:
  • SMS ? Unsubscribe ? to 31888
  • Dial *120*888# and select "8. Personal Settings"
  • Visit  www.look4me.co.za
To send a Consent Request to a Vodacom customer you want to track, you can:
  • SMS ? FIND (number) ? to 31888 . Example: FIND 082XXXXXXX
  • Log in to  www.look4me.co.za  then  select the "Locate" tab and press the "Add New Locatee" button, or
  • Go to wap.look4me.co.za to be automatically logged in with the cellphone number you are using.
Please note that you will only be able to locate a person once the consent process has been completed.
After you have received consent, you can locate a user by:
  • Dialling *120*888*(number)# Example: *120*888*082XXXXXXX#
  • Sending an SMS ? FIND (number) ? to 31888 Example: ?FIND 082XXXXXXX?
To access the main Look 4 Me menu, dial *120*888#



How much does it cost?

A subscription to the Vodacom Look 4 Me service costs R11.70 per month
Over and above the monthly subscription, users are charged bearer and content costs depending on the nature of the transaction conducted and the channel used.
Registration, unsubscribing and adding or deleting a locatee online and by SMS is FREE.
You will be charged a bearer fee of 50c per SMS plus content charges?
  • Locating a user ? R1.84
  • Receiving a map of user?s location ? R2.89
  • PIN request ? FREE


You will be charged for the data consumed accessing the service according to their ISP?s data rates plus content charges:
  • Locating a user ? R1.08
  • Receiving an alert via SMS ? R1.64
  • Receiving an alert via e-mail ? R1.08