Cellphone Blacklisting

What is it?

Has your cellphone been stolen or lost? You can prevent fraudsters from using your cellphone and running up your bill by blacklisting it on the Vodacom network. Blacklisting will also prevent your cellphone from being used on any other network. 

How will I know if my cellphone is blacklisted?

  • You will hear a three tone beep when attempting to make a call
  • When receiving a call, the phone will ring once and then display a missed call message on the screen

A blacklisted phone can only make calls to the 112 emergency services .


Why should I use the Cellphone Blacklisting service?

  • Prevent your lost or stolen cellphone from making and receiving calls
  • Avoid being held accountable for a cellphone bill which was accumulated fraudulently


How do I get the Cellphone Blacklisting service?

To blacklist a lost or stolen cellphone, call Customer Care on 082 111 , FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.
To blacklist data cards or modems, dial 082 155 , FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.
You will need to supply:
  • The cellphone number used with the stolen handset
  • Your name, surname and ID number
  • The cellphone IMEI number (serial number)
  • The cellphone make and model
  • Date and time of loss/theft
Police case information:
  • Case Number = e.g. CAS 90520030
  • Police Case Timestamp = current date/time
  • Police Station = e.g. SHAMBLOCK POLICE ST
An ITC number is needed to open a police case and a police case number will be needed for insurance purposes.
Only you can blacklist your cellphone. If a third party attempts to blacklist a cellphone, the SIM card will be locked and the unit will only be blacklisted once available.



How much does it cost?

Cellphone Blacklisting is a FREE service.

Cellphone unblacklisting

What is it?

You can unblacklist your cellphone allowing you to use it again on the Vodacom network, after it has been recovered.

How do I unblacklist my cellphone?

To unblacklist your recovered cellphone, call Customer Care on 082 111 , FREE from a Vodacom cellphone. You will be required to fax an affidavit from the SAPS or a certified company letter to the Unblacklisting Department on 011 546 9020 .
The affidavit from the SAPS/certified letter on a company letterhead, if in a company name, must declare:
  • The handset recovery
  • The IMEI Number and cellphone number listed at the time of loss
  • That insurance on the cellphone was not claimed
Also, attach a copy of your ID document along with the faxed information.
Please note that the unblacklisting request will be processed 24 hours after receipt of the faxed information.


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