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m-pesa Mzala Programme

Helping things work



Empowering the community

Vodacom m-pesa?s mzala programme trains and empowers young people by enabling them to work towards a sustainable income by improving their business and entrepreneurial skills.


Who are they?

Vodacom m-pesa mzalas are young, trusted advisors from areas or communities where employment opportunities are scarce to enable them to take charge of their lives and determine their futures. They are trained to educate consumers on the benefits of m-pesa and create awareness about the product within their community. The mzala operate within a community identified by us as a growth area for m-pesa . These include both the formal and informal business sectors of the community as well as the social, school and cultural sectors.


How can our mzala ?s help you?

The mzala will assist you with any m-pesa -related queries and engage in direct sales. If you are a business-minded individual, the mzalas are able to provide you with information and advice on how to become an m-pesa outlet which you can run from your existing business or even from your home.


Where can I find them?

  • At your nearest m-pesa outlets, in malls and even taxi ranks. 
  • At various community hotspots, ranging from car wash venues, community festivals and community sporting events.
  • In all regional communities around the country, working in and around the various m-pesa outlet stores as well as community


Should you wish to locate the mzalas in your area, please contact The Creative Counsel on 011-042 9967.