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Data Roaming


Now you can easily access the Internet, email or your company network while travelling, at a fixed South African Rand rate per MB of data used. Our Data Roaming service not only ensures the widest global coverage on Vodafone Partner Networks, but it also provides you with preferential rates measured in a minimum of 10 kilobyte increments of usage.

With our Super-Saver Data rates you also automatically qualify for a reduced rate per MB, when you roam on selected Vodacom or Vodafone partner networks.
Please note that Data Roaming is only available to Vodacom Contract customers and is not currently available to Top Up and Prepaid users.

Why should I use Data Roaming?

  • You can control your data connectivity costs
  • It?s charged at a fixed SA Rand rate per MB
  • We will send you an SMS notification for every R2000 of data used

How do I get Data Roaming?

Contract customers must first activate Vodafone World to have voice, SMS and data services while roaming. You can then deactivate and reactivate Data Roaming as and when you need it. If you are roaming on selected networks, you will automatically qualify for Super-Saver Data rates.

How much does it cost?

Please note that roaming data rates are significantly higher than local data rates. Please read carefully to understand what the rates are for the country you are travelling to.


  • In neighbouring countries , pay R51.10/MB , while data usage in Sub-Saharan Africa will cost R102.40/MB
  • In the rest of the world , you will pay R128.00/MB
  • Data Roaming on selected Vodacom or Vodafone partner networks will qualify you for a reduced Super-Saver Data rate of R17.50/MB
**Data rates are charged in 10 kilobyte minimum increments. Data Roaming is only available to Vodacom Contract customers.
Data Roaming Rates (incl. VAT)