Welcome Tones

Greet your callers in your own way

Ditch the boring "ring-ring" and keep your callers entertained with the latest chart-topping tunes.

All Welcome Tones have a "ring-ring" overlay (faint ring tone in the background) to prevent callers from disconnecting the call if they haven't experienced a Welcome Tone before. You can even set different music for each person in your contact list and have a different tone for a specific time of day. You can purchase up to 50 Welcome Tones, each valid for 90 days!

How do I get Welcome Tones?

  • Call 1178 from your cellphone. Calls are charged at R1.50 per minute
  • Go to Vodafone live! on your cellphone - http://live.vodafone.com
  • To get a Welcome Tone. SMS ? WT <Code> ? to 1178 . SMS costs 50c
  • Key in *117# on your cellphone, USSD charged at 20c per 20 seconds
To unsubscribe from the Welcome Tones service:
  • SMS ' WT STOP ' to 1178 (SMS is FREE)
  • Call 1178 . Calls are charged at R1.50 per minute

How much does it cost?

Welcome Tones can be purchased for R5 each . Each Welcome Tone is valid for 90 days, following which they will be renewed for an additional 90 days until you unsubscribe to that Welcome Tone.

Managing your Welcome Tone

SMS the Welcome Tone codes below to 1178 . SMSs cost R0.50 per SMS.
I want to... Keywords
Get a Welcome Tone WT <Code>
Get and set a Welcome Tone for a caller WT <Code> <cellphone number>
Search for a Welcome Tone WT FIND <Welcome Tone Name>
WT FIND <Artist Name>
Send a Welcome Tone as a Gift to another Vodacom customer WT GIFT <Welcome Tone code> <cellphone number>
Copy a Welcome Tone you've heard WT COPY <cellphone number>
Deactivate Welcome Tones service SMS WT STOP to 1178