Vodacom mobi site

What is it?

The Vodacom mobi site is a self-service related mobile Internet site. Accessible via your cellphone, you can access a multitude of information, content and even complete simple functions like viewing your basic account balances or upgrading an existing Contract. Get answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on RICA , Blackberry   and more. Find the best Vodacom deals on offer, search for product and service related information and even locate the Vodacom outlet closest to you.


Why should I use the Vodacom mobi site?

? It's easy to navigate

? Access to information at your fingertips and on-the-go

? You don't require a PC


How do I access the Vodacom mobi site?

Simply open the browser on your cellphone and type in this URL:  http://www.vodacom.mobi


How much does it cost?

Standard data rates will apply when browsing the Vodacom mobi site .