Itemised Billing

Get a breakdown of your monthly usage and expenses.  


Subscribe for only R17.10 per month

Sometimes calls go on for a little longer than they should and even multiple SMSs can impact your phone bill. Subscribe to Itemised Billing to track your monthly cellphone usage and expenses and see where you can cut costs.


Itemised Billing clears up  the ?what?, ?who?, ?when? and time spent connected, plus your itemised phone bill gives a detailed breakdown of calls, SMSs, MMSs and other services you have used.


What do I get with Itemised Billing?


Why do I need it?

  • Track dialed numbers, call duration, cost, date, time of calls made or SMSs and MMSs sent
  • Easy to separate work and personal expenses on one monthly statement
  • Send usage to your company for business reimbursement
  • Cut costs with a detailed breakdown of your services for your number


How do I get Itemised Billing?

Your itemised bill will be posted to you with your monthly cellphone statement. Alternatively, you can choose to receive it electronically via email , if this service is available from your specific Service Provider.
To subscribe to and view Itemised Billing:
  • Register or log in  to My Vodacom
  • Select ?My billing?
  • Click ?Itemised billing report'
  • Select the desired period from the drop-down box
  • Resubmit your security informatio n

How much does it cost?

Itemised Billing will cost you R17.10 per month.


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