Top Up price plans

You have the power to control your spending!

The below Top Up plans are not available for new contracts or upgrades, uChoose is the newest way to top up, find out more
With our combination of Contract and Prepaid benefits, airtime is credited to your account each month and when it runs out, simply top up with any Vodacom Prepaid recharge voucher.
No funds? You can still recharge using your cellphone, and only get charged on your Top Up account at the end of the month with our Instant Top Up service.

How do I check my balance?

Dial *100#, FREE from your Vodacom cellphone.

How to view the time and location applicable discount;

  • Dial *111*444#, FREE from your Vodacom cellphone
  • Or, activate the cell info display on your cellphone by selecting: Settings > Networks > Cell info on


Note: This may vary from cellphone to cellphone. Consult your cellphone user manual for further assistance.


Price Plan Cost Inclusive Airtime Deals
Top Up 49s R49 R49  
Top Up 75s R75 R75  
Top Up 135 R135 R135  
Top Up 135s R135 R135  
Top Up 200s R200 R200  
Top Up 275s R275 R275  
Top Up 315s R315 R315  
Top Up 400s R400 R400  
Top Up 500s R500 R500  
Top Up 590 R590 R590  
Top Up 1000s R1000 R1000  
Top Up 99 Vodacom 4 Less R99 R99