Pay Once data bundles

Pay upfront and get data every 30 days for a year!
With our Pay Once Prepaid data bundles, you can forget the hassle of having to buy data bundles every month. You can pay upfront and get either 1GB or 2GB of data every 30 days for a year.
By buying your data upfront, you will get more value as we cut the current price by more than 50%. Pay Once data bundles also give you the convenience of ready-to-use data there waiting for you every 30 days, without you having to do anything.
How do I buy Pay Once data bundles?
You can buy airtime and then buy the 12GB or 24GB voucher using any of these 3 ways:
  • Dial *111# and follow the menu prompts
  • SMS the keyword ‘Pay Once 12 x 1’ or ‘Pay Once 12 x 2’ to 100'
Pay Once data bundles price plans
Bundle Data (MB) Price In-bundle rate per MB Out-of-bundle rate per MB
12GB (12 x 1GB) 12288 R999 8.1c R2
24GB (12 x 2GB) 24576 R1499 6.1c R2