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See our incredible deals on the latest cellphones, laptops and electrical equipment coupled with amazing gifts ranging from Playstations to Flatscreen TVs currently available at Vodacom World from the 7 th  April 2014 to 6 th  May 2014 .



How To Navigate Around The Vodacom World Deals Brochure

Moving from page to page or spread to spread. This can be done in a number of ways:

1.Click on the left or right arrows which can be seen at the top left hand side of the toolbar. This will either move you a page/spread forward or back.

2. Drag your mouse to the top left corner of each page and right click. This will immediately turn the page.

3. Click of the Content Tab on the left hand side of the pane. This will show you each page in sequential order. Simply click on the page that you wish to access and it will open.



If the document is not clearly viewable when opening the URL, please set your computer display at the highest resolution. This can be done at the Control Panel. Simply open up the Display icon and click on the Settings tab. Here you will be able to adjust the settings of your resolution to the highest.


Zooming in and out

In order to clearly read the document or a section within the brochure, click on the area you wish to view. This will automatically zoom in to the section you desire. To zoom out, click anywhere on the document and this will take you back to the original view.


Sharing the document or page

In the tool bar, there is a tab which has an picture of an envelope. Click on the button and a window will open which explains the various options you have available for you to share the brochure with friends, colleagues or even your customer base.


Searching for specific articles or words

The site has an application whereby you can search for a keyword, headline, product, phrase, deal, brand etc. without having to flip or search through the entire document.


Here?s how:

Click in the space available next to the search tab in the toolbar.

  • Type in whatever it is that you are looking for.
  • On the left hand side, a panel will expand with all the found results.
  • Click on the option you are looking for and it will take you through to the relevant page.


Please note: The loading time of the pages will vary from user to user based on your Internet connection speed.