Vodacom is more than just a cellular network provider. It is an organisation that is deeply rooted in corporate and social investment to uplift its community. This is the primary objective of the CSI Sponsorships. The Vodacom CSI Sponsorships include: Netcare 911, NSRI and Vodacom Netcare Surf Rescue Helicopters. These are interlinked and each provides an invaluable service in the business of saving lives.


Netcare 911

Vodacom is the official sponsor of Netcare 911.


National Sea Rescue Institute

The NSRI is a credible and important safety organization when it comes to keeping South Africa safe at sea. The NSRI is the only voluntary sea rescue organization in Africa, and carries out over 97% of all sea rescues along the South African coast. The sea rescues are defined as being further that one nautical mile from the coastline.
The NSRI has two objectives:
  • Save lives on South African waters
  • Promote water and boating safety