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Prizes and winners

Weekly prizes

To claim any prize, except the airtime, you will have to present the SMS with the reference number (or other proof) that you are the owner of the cellphone number to which the winning SMS was sent to.


Cash prizes

If you are a winner of an eight or nine letter match, we will have the prize money deposited into your bank account. Vodacom will contact you to make arrangements for payment.


In order to claim your prize, you must:

  • Prove that you are the owner or authorised designated user of the cellphone number from where the winning entry was sent
  • Be in possession of the SIM card and/or cellphone containing the confirmation SMS received from Vodacom, for the winning entry

  • Be over the age of 18 or in the case of a minor the legal guardian may claim the prize
  • Provide valid proof of identity (i.e South African ID book, passport or driver’s license)
  • If there is more than one correct entry in a week for the nine letter match, the weekly prize money will be shared equally between the winners

  • Cash prizes will only be paid into a valid South African bank account in the name of the person who is the valid winner of the prize



If you are the winner of a six or seven letter match, you will receive airtime to the value of R29 or R12 respectively.

  • The airtime amounts will automatically be loaded onto your Prepaid or Top Up airtime account
  • Contract customers will receive an SMS containing a virtual voucher PIN code that can be used to recharge a Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up user
  • As a Prepaid or Top Up customer, you will receive the airtime directly in your Prepaid account within 24 hours after the show
  • Contract customers will receive a virtual pin for the airtime prize that can be passed on to any Prepaid or Top Up customer for redemption
  • No monetary exchange will be permitted


Unclaimed prizes

All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited three months after the winning numbers have been announced and the SMS’s sent.


Would you like to win a computer centre for your school?

Vodacom Millionaires gives away a computer centre to four public schools every month.


All application forms go into a monthly draw on the first Tuesday of every month and four lucky schools each win a computer centre.


Watch Vodacom Millionaires on the first Tuesday of every month to see if your school is one of the four lucky schools to receive a computer centre.


Each winning school will receive a donation of 10 computers, a server and all the software and training needed to educate learners on the current curriculum.


These computer centres are funded from the SMS’s sent to 32082 over and above the two FREE SMS's customers receive on a weekly basis.


Vodacom Millionaires is intended to reward our loyal customers and we would like to ensure that the money we make from the programme goes back into uplifting the community.


To apply, the school must fulfil these criteria:

  • Be a public primary or high school
  • Have security measures in place
  • Have a person available, with the necessary computer skills to train students on the use of the PC's
  • Be able to maintain the computer equipment that is provided to them
  • Schools that have previously won a Vodacom Millionaires Computer Centre cannot apply or win again


If you want to apply on behalf of your school, call 082 243 2082 and supply us with the following information:

  • Your cellphone number
  • Your name
  • The name of the school
  • The school's fax number
  • An application form will be faxed to the headmaster of the school





The headmaster must submit the completed application form by fax or post.


Fax it to: 011 546 8249 (Mark it for Mary Tswai’s attention)


Post it to:

Mary Tswai

Vodacom Millionaires Computer Centre Applications

Private Bag X9904




The names of the winning schools will be selected from the list of schools submitted to the fax number or postal address above and will be based on a lucky draw done by our auditors.