About community services

The Community Services Telephone Operator concept was established to service previously disadvantaged communities such as townships and rural areas. The primary objective is to ensure that these areas have access to affordable mobile telecommunications. The Community Services payphone bills at 90 cents a minute therefore it is a great advantage to communities.






Vodacom Millionaires

Become a Vodacom Millionaire! Enter now from your Community Services Payphone!

  • Simply call 082 233 0082 from the community phone
  • Enter your Vodacom cell phone number
  • Letters will automatically be selected for you
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to your Vodacom cell phone
  • Calls are charged at 90c per minute
You could win a million every week!
  • 9 letter match - R1 million
  • 8 letter match - R200 000
  • 7 letter match - R29 airtime
  • 6 letter match - R12 airtime


  • 10 Motorola cell phones every week
  • A brand new car every month