Multi Data SIM

Data SIM cards for different devices - all on one bill

Vodacom Contract customers can have up to four additional Data SIM cards, linked to their primary Contract, which can be used simultaneously on various devices.
Now you can have SIM cards for your laptop, PC, Smartphone and your tablet. Receive one consolidated bill at the end of the month for up to five SIM cards, whether it?s your family?s or your own ? so, there?s no messy admin when it comes to paying. This service is an enhancement to the existing Vodacom Data SIM service.

Why should I use Multi-data SIM cards?

  • Your additional Multi-data SIMs will not be dependent on each other and they can all be used at the same time, regardless of the cellphone or device that is being used at the time.
  • You will only receive ONE invoice for your primary and Multi Data SIMs.
  • Multi-data SIMs are available on 24-month data, month-to-month data, 24-month voice and month-to-month voice Contracts.
  • If you have an existing TwinCall service, the primary and TwinCall SIMs are counted as one.
  • Your Multi-data SIMs will consume data simultaneously from the same Data Bundle associated with your primary Contract .

What if I am using a BlackBerry?

  • A BlackBerry SIM will only access the Data Bundle associated with the primary SIM if the internet APN is used. The BlackBerry APN will not consume from the associated Data Bundle
  • A BlackBerry SIM will be viewed as a Multi-data SIM and therefore counts towards the maximum five SIM cards per Contract.

How do I get this service?

Multi-data SIMs can be bought at your nearest Vodacom outlet. It is activated in-store upon purchase

How much does it cost?

A once off cost for the SIM and connection fee will be determined by your Service Provider.


  • Multi Data SIMs linked to the plan on your Smartphone, e.g. Smart or Red plan, will have a fee of R29 per month per SIM
  • Multi Data SIMs linked to a Data plan on your Tablet/ Dongle/ Router will have a fee of R99 per month per SIM