Vodacom Email

Premium or FREE Email - Your choice
If you?re a Vodacom subscriber you can get a FREE Vodacom Email account to access through your web browser or Internet-enabled cellphone.
You?ll have an email address on the vodamail.co.za domain with all the email features you?re used to.
You can also get a Premium Email service that gives you more mailbox space.

What should I get a Vodacom Email account?

  • The FREE Email service gives you 3GB of mailbox space
  • The Premium Email service gives you 5GB of mailbox space
  • Receive FREE SMS notifications on your cellphone when you have new email
  • Up to 5 email aliases ? your primary address will be your cellphone number (example: 0825555555@vodamail.co.za).
With Vodacom Email, you also get:
  • Spam protection and virus scanning
  • Address book
  • 2 personalised signatures
  • Email folders and subfolders so you can organise your email
  • SMS alerts telling you how much of your mailbox you have used, how many emails you have, and how many unread emails you have
  • All standard email features - including sending, receiving and viewing attachments

How do I get Vodacom Email?

To activate:
  • Log in to My Vodacom and register your email account using your cellphone number
  • Once your account has been successfully activated, you will receive an SMS confirmation and password.
Please note:
You may not have more than one Vodacom Email service simultaneously, but you can migrate between them. You may not request a 3GB mailbox while you still have a 5GB mailbox service. If you have a 5GB account but prefer a 3GB account instead, call Customer Care and ask to change to a 3GB email service.
? For more information on FREE Email and Premium Email, call 082 155 , FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

How much does it cost?

  • If you use the FREE Email service you will only pay for data usage
  • Premium Email has a R29 monthly subscription charge, as well as data  usage charges
  • SMS notifications sent to your cellphone are FREE
Data usage will be charged at the data rates applicable to your specific package or price plan.


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